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Studying in Eindhoven? 9x Departments of the TU/e

Studying at TU/e is only for the really smart. Imagine an intimate university with a huge impact. Lots of room to shape your own curriculum. Predecessors who built a car on solar energy (and are now bringing it to the market) and always worstenbroodjes (sausage rolls) at lunch. Are you ready for Eindhoven? Find out which department suits you best.

Industrial Design

Do you want to learn how to design intelligent systems, products or services? Industrial Design combines groundbreaking research from various fields to train you to be the best industrial designer. Read more.

Built Environment

If you are interested in technology, design and human behavior, then a degree program in Built Environment may be for you. Discover how you can (re)design the built environment; safer, more sustainable and inclusive. Read more.

Electrical Engineering

As a TU/e student, you will contribute to a better world through your field of study. At Electrical Engineering, for example, education and research are closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Read more.

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Biomedical Engineering

In Biomedical Engineering you develop technological solutions for medical science and healthcare. Examples include research into artificial skin tissue, nanomedicines, or the heart's biomechanics. Read more.

Mechanical Engineering

The work of mechanical engineers can be found in many places; in mobile phones, production machines, hospitals, solar panels and even roller coasters. As a mechanical engineer, you impact the daily lives of countless people. Read more.

Mathematics and Computer Science

Dive into algorithms, artificial intelligence, software development and data analysis. At Mathematics and Computer Science, you'll use your expertise to solve complex problems. The faculty is part of a large network of companies and governments. Read more.

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Applied Physics

In Applied Physics, you become an expert in emerging technologies. Whether it is about making solar panels more efficient, developing self-healing materials, or applying green computing, you will learn all about it in this department. Read more.

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

As a chemical engineer, you design responsive materials, search for cleaner energy sources and develop off-grid mini-plants to produce fertilizer. With some 12,000 m2 of lab facilities, the faculty is an essential part of the TU/e Campus. Read more.

Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Are you interested in both technology and social sciences? Then this might be the department for you. In Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, you will explore the impact of technology on people (and vice versa), sustainability issues, and optimizing business processes. Read more.

Feel like becoming a TU/e student too? Come and taste life in Eindhoven! For example, the open day for bachelor programs is on Saturday, May 21, 2022. Check the upcoming events for more info on both bachelor's and master's programs.