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A guide for your New Year's resolutions

New year, new you. You know the drill. Let's just start by saying that you're already a fantastic person. But if you want to improve even more, we'll be happy to help you with your New Year's resolutions. Let’s go!

New Year's resolution 1: Exercise more

Always a good idea, especially after bingeing on holiday food for a whole month. Eindhoven is home to many special sports locations. From circuit training in a church to freerunning in an urban sports park. Check out these special sport venues and book a trial lesson! 

Not into fitness, group classes, or team sports? Go Dutch and hop on your bike more often. These cycling routes will keep you busy for a while. Or explore the nature of Eindhoven with one of these walking routes. Your pedometer will be so proud of you.  

New Year's resolution 2: Eat healthier

For some people, healthy eating starts with actually eating in the first place. We’re talking about breakfast, of course. Which, according to some sources, is the most important meal of the day. Not much of a breakfast person? Then stop by one of these breakfast spots to get some inspiration. Pamper yourself in the name of science! 

Want a little less meat on your plate this year? Then we'd like to refer you to one of these veggie or vegan restaurants. Of course, you can't eat out every day, but you can also broaden your culinary horizons at home. Open an exotic cookbook, and go shopping at one of these international supermarkets

Jonathan Borba
Meneer de Boer

New Year's resolution 3: Make sustainable decisions

A better world starts with yourself. So we totally understand if you want to live a little more sustainably this year. Buy as little stuff as possible, easy enough. But what if resolution #1 makes you lose a dress size - or if you just really want a new look for the new year? Then go shopping at one of these beautiful vintage stores

Looking for a planet-friendly gift? Check out these shops for sustainable gifts. And to make it even easier for you and your sustainable ambitions, we made a green guide to Eindhoven.

New Year's resolution 4: Make more time for yourself 

This resolution should be on everyone's list, if you ask us. The world is a mess in many ways, so it's best to spend a lot of quality time with yourself. We all need to refill our emotional batteries. So how about you try a new hobby? From painting to knitting and from mosaics to building trains: Eindhoven has it all

Of course, you don't have to stay at home. Go on a date with yourself! Do you love art and culture? Visit one of the many museums and art spaces in the city, or nose around in one of these surprising art galleries

Would you like to pamper yourself completely? Then book a night in one of the many fine hotels in the city. Room service, taking a bath, lounging on your bed in a luxurious bathrobe. Can you imagine it? You deserve this!

Hotel Mariënhage

New Year's resolution 5: Expand your knowledge

Lifelong learning is the way to go. It's only logical. Why not continue to broaden yourself with new knowledge and experiences? Diving into a good book is an excellent way to do this. With our reading tips, you can score some new material to put your brain to work, or to simply relax. 

Are you the kind of person who buys stacks of books but never gets around to reading them? Then maybe a podcast is more your thing. Check out one of these podcasts from Eindhoven. Or perhaps you just need a quieter place where you can crack open a book once in a while. Try one of these study and work spaces