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8x Special sports venues

From weight lifting in the Philips Stadium to workouts in a church. Whether you're into freerunning, boxing, or discus throwing, with these eight unique spots, you'll never have trouble getting to the gym again. 

Urban Sportpark

In the middle of Drents Dorp, right behind the Evoluon, you'll find the brand new Urban Sportpark. This is the place for skating, pump tracking, hiking or freerunning, but also excellent for survival runs and calisthenics. The park is nice and green and there are also many playgrounds for children.

Sportpark Strijp

With four soccer fields, three tennis courts, two handball courts (and much more), Sportpark Strijp is a wonderful place, close to the city center, to enjoy outdoor activities. The park is a leader in the use of sustainable energy. You can recognize this sports complex from afar by the large, colorful building.

Trifecta Sport

Sports on holy ground. In the beautifully renovated Padua Church on the Fazantlaan Darryl and Ali opened their health studio. The team guides you during circuit training, teaches you better kickboxing techniques and gives you more insight into your own body and its capabilities.

Basic Fit Philips Stadium

Doing your workout in the Philips stadium, who doesn't want that? From personal training to group lessons, or simply complete your program at your own pace. This is the closest you will get to pro sports.

Monk Bouldergym

Eindhoven Gym

At Eindhoven Gym, they do everything to make you physically and mentally stronger. Here you can train and take classes in weightlifting, powerlifting, and of course, Crossfit. Real sports fanatics are in the right place with 60 classes a week, their own gym, and a bar with fresh banana bread.

Eindhoven Atletiek

On the outskirts of the city you'll find this wonderful running track for the sprinters, shot putters and discus throwers among us. The track is located at sports park the Hondsheuvels. Here you can also enjoy a game of soccer or play golf.


In the heart of Eindhoven you will find Dynamo, stage and living room for many subcultures of the city in one. Besides music, there is also an extensive (and affordable) sports offer: from fitness to boxing and break dancing. For tricking and freerunning visit the special venue at Strijp-S!

Monk Eindhoven

Whether you are an absolute beginner or you conquer the climbing wall in no time, at Monk at Strijp-S you can boulder at all levels. A cozy and relaxed place, where you can recover from your workout with a cool drink in the bar.