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Share the Vibe: Kaya Heyman

Cycling through Eindhoven is quite an experience. From the busy traffic in the city center to oases of tranquility in the green parks. While some cyclists simply go from A to B, others are inspired along the way by the city's visual language and everyday urban experiences.

Architect and designer Kaya Heyman sees Eindhoven as a mental map of places, people, and events. Cycling through the city's colorful bicycle tunnels is like riding into a world of stories. Her imagination is triggered by the walls that want to have their say. And all this happens within seconds! She captures these stories in her colorful Share the Vibe video.

Share the Vibe proces
Share the Vibe proces

Kaya came to Eindhoven for her studies, but the city offered her way more than that. Aside from developing as a professional, she sees her time here as a learning journey on a personal level. She rediscovered her passion for drawing, and the city helped her develop her creative language. Kaya discovered her enthusiasm for conceptual design in architecture, and Eindhoven taught her to be brave and experiment. Today, she continues her search for ways to express herself by embracing a world of color.

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The Eindhoven brand 'the vibe' is a symbol of energy. It is a dynamic brand that belongs to the city. We invite artists, designers and makers to make the vibe their own, so we can share the vibe. Check out their creations! 


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