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Share the Vibe: Albert van Abbe & Chris Kore

For the new Share the Vibe video, sound nerd and visual artist Albert van Abbe and digital dreamer Chris Kore joined forces for a synaesthetic experience. Together they previously researched how to visualize music resulting in an audiovisual project called Spatial Déjà Vu. In doing so, they created the first vibe with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Spatial Déjà Vu stems from the energy created between image and sound. How do you visualize something you take in differently? How can visuals enhance live performances, and how do tunes influence digital video art? Albert on the process: "The starting point for the video was my music, which was converted into shapes by special software. An AI algorithm manipulates images from a photo library of Chris as the music plays. Like a synthesizer for a video."

Albert van Abbe
Fortunately, we are growing out of that role as a city

Innovation, like AI, always plays a role in Albert's work: "Besides publishing music and giving live performances, I am increasingly developing instruments and working on sound innovation projects, for example, with PSV." 

From underground to underdog, because that's how he likes to describe Eindhoven. "Fortunately, we are growing out of that role as a city." So where best to experience the city’s transformation? Visit locations such as Stroomhuis and creative incubator Plan B, and feel the energy,  says Albert van Abbe.