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Share the Vibe: Clara Schweers

When you get up in the morning, is your day already planned? You have to go to work or school, and you better not skip breakfast. And don't forget to get dressed! Every morning seems the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every morning is an opening into the unknown. Think to yourself: what will this day bring? That very question inspired Clara Schweers to create this Share the Vibe.

Clara lets go of all restrictions and completely flips the script. The moment determines the story. She goes wild with digital techniques and creates fictional characters that together form unique patterns. Computer-generated characters are increasingly common in film, games, and other media. How do they change our behavior? Clara answers this question by creating fictional worlds of flowing crystals, glossy textures, and human figures.

Clara Schweers
The studio space is definitely the place where I feel the most momentum. It's never quiet here!

During her master's at Design Academy Eindhoven, Clara explored combining digital techniques and physical objects, creating dreamlike installations and designs. And this shows in her Share the Vibe video!

The energy Clara feels in Eindhoven: a constant momentum. 'Although I only moved here two years ago, I am part of the community of designers, artists, and makers of many disciplines that keep each other going.'

Share the Vibe
Share the Vibe

Share the Vibe

The Eindhoven brand 'the vibe' is a symbol of energy. It is a dynamic brand that belongs to the city. We invite artists, designers and makers to make the vibe their own, so we can share the vibe. Check out their creations! 


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