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Share the Vibe: Kas van Vliet

During the day, the sun determines the face of the city. But at night, the people of Eindhoven are in control. They shine their light on Eindhoven and define the street vibes. From cozy streets to creepy alleys, we create the city's atmosphere with our light. Photographer Kas van Vliet roams the city at night and shows us the different faces of Eindhoven in his Share the Vibe.

Kas feels the energy of Eindhoven in his endless search for identity. This identity is less rigid than that of other cities, which is why we are constantly (re)discovering and shaping ourselves, according to Kas.

Share the Vibe proces
Share the Vibe proces

Kas van Vliet wandered through Eindhoven at night and used over 1,000 photos to create his Share the Vibe video. Mokona's song City Test Run ties everything together. Do you recognize all the places he photographed?

Share the Vibe

The Eindhoven brand 'the vibe' is a symbol of energy. It is a dynamic brand that belongs to the city. We invite artists, designers and makers to make the vibe their own, so we can share the vibe. Check out their creations! 


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