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Share the Vibe: Flora Manon

Eindhoven is a place to stay. All the creative makers and companies create an inspiring melting pot of ideas. Designer Flora Manon completed her Master's at Design Academy Eindhoven after studying in Vienna. The city's energy took her by surprise, and it hasn't let go of her since. 

Flora shares her energy with a hand-painted stop-motion video. Her video shows both everyday life in Eindhoven and the energetic transformation of the artistic places in the city. This is exactly how she experiences the vibe of the town. 

It may seem quiet from a far, but if you take a closer look, you see a constant source of creative projects and inspiration. Now you probably wonder: where can I experience this vibe? In the many creative breeding places and, of course, the cozy cafes and pubs that Eindhoven is rich in, if you’d ask Flora.