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Eindhoven from A to Z: Fantastic cycling

When you think of the Netherlands, you think of fietsen. At least, if you’re Dutch. But since ‘cycling’ doesn’t start with an f, we’ll go with ‘fantastic cycling’ for this alphabet’s sake. We have more bikes than people and make over half of all our trips by bike. In Eindhoven, we bike like crazy, (mostly) figuratively speaking. How do you become a part of the Eindhoven cycling culture? You'll find out in the F for fantastic cycling!

In Eindhoven, you'll discover more than 270 kilometers of bike paths, plenty of bike parking, and various trendy bike bridges with international allure. Examples include the Hovenring and the Tegenbosch Bike Bridge in Meerhoven. Thanks to all these perks for cyclists, Eindhoven ranks eleventh globally as the most bike-friendly city. We can take pride in that!


Jump in the saddle yourself!

We mentioned the 270 kilometers of bike paths. A large part of that is simply functional, you know, getting from A to B. But Eindhoven also offers plenty of beautiful bike routes to explore the city in a sporty way. For instance, the Philips route and the Van Gogh route. Real adventurers go for the "Rondje Eindhoven," a journey of a whopping 58 kilometers. Are you a beginner cyclist or could you use some extra tips? We'll help you with our survival guide to cycling in the Netherlands. Whether you're in the market for a gorgeous new bike or your current ride could use some sprucing up, explore these five bike stores!

Eindhoven from A to Z

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