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Dutch Design Week for kids

Get Set! ... During Dutch Design Week, there is plenty to experience, but what is there to do for children? We answer this frequently asked question with a handful of tips!

Je kiest, maar wat?! @Schellensfabriek

Choices, choices, choices! Choosing is not always easy; Studio Kim Haagen and Garage2020 can see why. They designed a game to make youngsters more aware of the choices they make and possible consequences. Will you play along? Yes or no? 

Art Tech Fun Robot eGirls Manifestations @Het VEEM

At VEEM, artists put the interaction between humans and technology in a different light. On the program, there are several workshops for kids.

Build Your Own Robot
Build Your Own Robot

Space Garment @Microlab Hall

Antoine Peters' collection Space Garments will bring a smile to your face. Here's what to expect: a surprising, playful, and humorous landscape made of jeans and sleeves.

Spacebeest: Maak je eigen ruimtemonster @Bibliotheek Eindhoven

What does a space monster look like? Well, that's up to you! Create, code, and upload all week long at the Eindhoven library. If your space beast looks cool enough for you, you can launch it into space and play with other creations. Extra tips for the Bob the Builder among us:

RetroFuture @Evoluon

Dive into yesterday's future during the RetroFuture expo. It's all about the world of future thinkers, dreamers, and artists. Oh, and you also get to see the Evoluon from the inside. A win-win if you ask us!