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Dutch Design Week for kids

Kids playing at Dutch Design Week 2022

During Dutch Design Week, there is plenty to experience, but what is there to do for children? We answer this frequently asked question with a handful of tips!

DDW Young routes

Of course, you can dive into the program yourself or follow one of the DDW Young routes. They have put together several routes for kids in just about every age group: 

Keigave Kleine Kunst Kamers @Kelderman en van Noort

Have you ever made a model? Join this fun architecture workshop at Kelderman and van Noort. Together with other visitors, you can build a unique dune landscape. Available every weekday afternoon for kids aged 6 to 100!

Art Tech Fun AI Robot eGirls Manifestations @Het VEEM

At VEEM, artists put the interaction between humans and technology in a different light. Manifestations is an absolute must-visit for kids every year. Click here to find out what's happening this time!


The Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-SDesign your MRI experience @Philips Museum

Lying still in an MRI scanner is quite a challenge. What helps is feeling calm. But what makes you feel calm? Find out at the Philips Museum. Draw your ideal environment and learn how technology can help you shape your future.

Playing @Ketelhuisplein

The heart of the festival is also an excellent spot for kids. Open, vibrant, and freely accessible to everyone. The Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S is filled with impressive installations and interactive exhibits every year. This is where you experience the authentic DDW vibe. And between all those design works, you'll find swings and food trucks. A fun place for the whole family!

Spacefarming @Evoluon

Dive into the future of our food during the Spacefarming expo. Discover how we can grow our food in other ways or even on other planets. It is a fun exhibition, and you also get to see the Evoluon from the inside. A win-win if you ask us!