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Mini guide: DDW off the grid

Are you an experienced DDW visitor craving that above and beyond experience? Or are you just looking for those special places that not many people know of? We will help you on your way with our DDW off the grid mini guide!

Vij5 | Hallenweg 

Hidden behind the Hoogstraat, you will find the Hallenweg. This hidden part of the Gestel district, with its narrow streets and small industrial buildings, is the perfect place for good food and special exhibitions. The designers at Vij5 are diving into the trend of living in small spaces. During DDW, they are launching two new products: a folding desk and a compact coat rack. The Small Living expo also showcases existing designs from the collection specifically suited for small spaces. 

Deep dive in design with DDW Talks | Fifth NRE

A true DDW pro also visits the DDW Talks. These mini-seminars are held from Tuesday till Friday at 09.00 and 16.30 at Fifth on NRE. Various speakers will discuss the future of design. For example, Eco Pioneers on 25 October, a DDW Talk at the intersection of design, science and ethics. Tickets for the talks cost 45 euros (20 for students), which may seem steep, but for that price you get three hours of inspiration and a delicious light lunch or yummy snacks at Fifth. Make your reservation!


Plan-B | Hurksestraat 19

You have to make a small effort to get there, but you asked for off the grid, so you get off the grid. At Plan-B on de Hurk, there’s lots to see and do. This is one of the coolest creative spots of Eindhoven! From here, cycle on to the Fashion Tech Farm. The name says it all. This is where fashion and technology meet. At the Caring Clothing Tech expo, you'll see a sustainable alternative to disposable insulation coats in healthcare. What will we be wearing in a few years? Find out at the Fashion Tech Farm!

1000 wool rescuers | Sectie-C Hal 14

The whole of Sectie-C is an absolute must-see. It might not be as off the grid as it used to be, but DDW is THE opportunity to stroll along the different maker spaces here. Or to get to work yourself. For example, with wool. 1000 wool rescuers aims to make the craftmanship of wool work future-proof. Visit the expo and increase your wool skills and knowledge about applications. Did you know these fluffy threads can also be used for house building and insulation? Find out all about it at Sectie-C!

This is where we make | Temporary Art Center

TAC is actually closed for a few years for major renovations, but during DDW they open the doors for some great exhibitions, like the one by Fontys, TU/e, and TAC. This is where we make explores the value of creative incubators for society. Go see this expo at one of the city's most creative hotspots. Nice and meta!

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