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Mini guide: DDW off the grid

Are you an experienced DDW visitor craving that above and beyond experience? Or are you just looking for those special places that not many people know of? We will help you on your way with our DDW off the grid mini guide!

Atelier NL | Hallenweg 

Hidden behind the Hoogstraat, you will find the Hallenweg. This hidden part of the Gestel district, with its narrow streets and small industrial buildings, is the perfect place for good food and special exhibitions. Our recommendation? Atelier NL at 76 Bergmannstraat. Atelier NL’s love for natural materials is reflected in the exhibitions here. Stichting Pleed demonstrates how we can dye wool blue using age-old techniques with local resources. WaterSchool by Studio Makkink & Bey shows how we can reduce water use in the production (construction) materials. And The Linen Project investigates the economic viability of small-scale local flax cultivation and linen production in the Netherlands.

Deep dive in design met de DDW Talks | Fifth NRE

A true DDW pro also visits the DDW Talks. These mini-seminars are held every day from 9.30 to 14.00 at Fifth on the NRE-terrein. Various speakers will discuss the future of design. For example, Eco Pioneers on 23 October, a DDW Talk about biodiversity design at the intersection of design and science. Tickets for the talks cost 75 euros (25 for students), which may seem steep, but for that price you get four hours of inspiration and a delicious lunch at Fifth. Make your reservation!


Plan-B | Hurksestraat 19

You have to make a small effort to get there, but you asked for off the grid, so you get off the grid. At Plan-B on de Hurk, there’s lots to see and do, for example visiting the Fashion Tech Farm. The name says it all: at the Fashion Tech Farm, fashion and technology meet. At the expo ‘Fashion, wearables and textile innovation’, you will find more than twenty projects created by a wide range of designers: from fashion students to designers at multinationals. The goal? To investigate the future of tech-fashion, influenced by COVID-19. What will we be wearing in a few years? Find out at the Fashion Tech Farm!

Getting Our Shit Together | Sectie-C Hal 10

The whole of Sectie-C is an absolute must-see. It might not be as off the grid as it used to be, but we still like to single out a gem: 3D printed houses made of cow dung. Getting Our Shit Together turned the problem into the solution. They came up with a solution for the manure surplus and found a way to create sustainable building materials for building much-needed houses.


Signs of unmaking @ Temporary Art Center | Vonderweg 1

TAC is actually closed for two years for major renovations, but during DDW, they have a great exhibition by conceptual designer Noud Sleumer. His research focuses on the life cycles of consumer electronic products, tracing the supply chains from resource to production and processing, until they end up as a chip in our smartphones. Sleumer visualizes his findings in a playful and critical manner: with humorous performances, films, photos and impressive installations.