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Mini guide: DDW off the grid

Are you an experienced DDW visitor craving that above and beyond experience? Or are you just looking for those special places that not many people know of? We will help you on your way with our DDW off the grid mini guide!

The GRRRAGE | Woensel-West

Nowadays, everyone knows how to find the home of makers and viewers, KEVN, in Woensel-West. This year, the cheerful neighborhood has several more locations, including thrift store KAROESELL and creative space De GRRRage. At the latter, you'll find as many as three exhibitions. Dive into the studio of American designer Max Lipsey for an array of furniture experiments. At Reflections to reflections, learn all about reflections thanks to the hard work of eight Lucerne School of Art and Design students. Last, Studio Martens & Vissers takes you through a series of new objects and installations with the central theme of light in Lightscapes.

Vij5, De Fabriek, AtelierNL & more | Hallenweg

Hidden behind the Hoogstraat, you will find the Hallenweg. This hidden part of the Gestel district, with its narrow streets and small industrial buildings, is the perfect place for good food and special exhibitions. The designers of Vij5 dive into the importance of product design, where they draw even more attention to its craftsmanship –which we very much support. De Fabriek is also the place to go for a good dose of design. Here, you can view twelve(!) different exhibitions, including Cringe or Cool?, which presents ten perspectives on what 'cringe' really means.


Plan-B & Fashion Tech Farm | West

You have to make a small effort to get there, but you asked for off the grid, so you get off the grid. At Plan-B on de Hurk, there’s lots to see and do. This is one of the coolest creative spots of Eindhoven! From here, cycle on to the Fashion Tech Farm. The name says it all. This is where fashion and technology meet. Always wanted to get fashion advice from a fashionisAI? Grab your chance during the expo Threads of Data, where AI tells your own fashion story based on your online data (your Instagram profile, for example).

InterCHANGES @Fifth NRE | Kanaalzone

A true DDW pro also visits InterCHANGES, formerly known as DDW Talks. These mini-seminars are held three times during Dutch Design Week: on Tuesday (09.00 - 11.30), and Wednesday and Thursday from (17.30 - 20.00).Several speakers reflect on the future of (and with) design. For example DIGITAL FUTURE, where you think together about developments within a digital future.

BioArt Laboratories | Strijp T + R

Do you really want to go off the grid? Then we have two more tips for you: 1. take your bike and 2. pedal like crazy towards BioArt Laboratories behind the Philips de Jonghpark. Surrounded by nature (one of the most significant sources of inspiration for this lab), you dive into the world of creativity, science, technology, nature, and its combination. Take the exhibition Resting Reef, where traditional burial methods make way for a sustainable alternative: reef structures made of ash and shells, which contribute to the recovery of oyster reefs.

BioArt Laboratories
BioArt Laboratories