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Dutch Design Week for beginners

Picture this: Nine days, 100+ locations, 2,600 designers, and a never-ending list of exhibitions, lectures, award ceremonies, parties, and more. If this is your first DDW, all of this can be pretty overwhelming. Not to worry! With our handy Dutch Design Week beginner’s guide, we’ll help you survive the week. Let’s kick off with a crash course!

What is Dutch Design Week?

Dutch Design Week is the largest and most famous design event in our country (and far beyond). DDW offers a platform for design in the broadest sense of the word: from innovative furniture to social design. The emphasis is mainly on the latter category: DDW wants to showcase how designers contribute to a beautiful, sustainable future. 

What is this year’s Dutch Design Week all about?

Each year revolves around a theme. This year’s theme is 'Picture This'. What will our world look like in 20, 50 or 100 years if we continue to live as we do? This DDW, designers try to face that image and figure out ways to turn the tides. We’re not doing the story justice here, so if you’re in a zealous mood, make sure to read more about the theme at the DDW website.

When is Dutch Design Week?

From October 21 to 29, every day from 11:00 to 18:00. Some locations and events have different opening hours. 

Where is Dutch Design Week?

Dutch Design Week is hard to miss if you’re in Eindhoven between October 21 and 29. There’s something to see and do almost everywhere, with nine areas and several individual design hotspots. If you click ‘map mode’ on the DDW website, you’ll see all the locations on the map. 

What are must-sees?

Even more important than where you can go, is where you want to go. We’ve listed four places that will give you an all-in DDW experience without you having to dig deep through the program. Note: you need a ticket for many of these places.

Everything you need to know about DDW!

We listed the most important info on tickets, transportation and opening hours. You're welcome! 

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