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DDW-tip: Sectie-C

It's a short trip from downtown, but Sectie-C is worth every detour. At this creative breeding ground you will get a look inside the studios of more than 100 creatives. So hop on one of the Design Rides and take a look!


Daalakkersweg 2-16, Eindhoven

Need a ticket?

Yes, get yours here

How to get there? 

With an ov-bike (fifteen minutes from the station), one of the DDW Design Rides, or bus 5 to 't Hofke.

Why do you want to go there? 

You have to put in a little effort to get there, but Sectie-C is worth it, we promise. Here, you'll find more than 100 designers opening up their studios, ateliers, and workshops to the general public for DDW. Moreover, it's a great excuse to take one of the DDW Design Rides. Something you don't want to miss out on!

Before we forget: Sectie-C is known for its atmosphere. Pick up lunch from Ost or end the day with a beer. 


Our recommendations

  • Koraal | anniversary edition: A celebration of thirty years of kitchen textile design. Mariëtte Wolbert's anniversary edition is all about coral.
  • Functional Beauty: At Maarten Baptist's it's all about combining aesthetics with functionality. Look at that beautiful little cheese knife!
  • Job's Playground: Dive into a studio full of stories, models, prototypes, products, and objects. Wood is the center of attention this year.
  • Prototype Party!: Erik Stehmann's playful designs are fun for every visitor. Be sure to press the button for extra party vibes!
  • The Body is a Movement: We can best describe the DDW Gym by Baltan and Onomatopee as a gym in a design jacket. Besides an exhibition, there are workshops to get to know your body on a deeper level. For example, the queer sports workshop on Sunday, Oct. 22.
Check the entire program at Sectie-C

More DDW nearby

Sectie-C is in the middle of nowhere, but on your way back to the city (or the other way around), you'll pass the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Here, among other things, you will get a peek into the world of 3D weaving Jacquard looms: J.3D.1 is about connecting traditional and modern weaving technology and how that allows for new and affordable experimentation.

Other fun things to do in the area

On your way back to the city center (and to the TU/e) you will almost pass by De Wasvenboerderij; it’s just a small detour. Here, you can enjoy delicious organic food in a beautiful green setting! It feels like being in the countryside. In other words: ideal for refueling before diving back into the design hustle and bustle.