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6x GLOW with kids

What are the most fun GLOW locations to visit with kids this year? Good question! And quite a tricky one because every work of light art at the festivalis suitable for kids, even if you're enjoying the view from a stroller. We highly recommend visiting these six spots, though. One artwork was even created by 20,000 schoolchildren. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Let's beat the waste!? @Villa de Laak

Hey, what's happening now! This artwork gets happy from waste. It consists of two parts: a massive heart with moving panels and four intelligent waste bins. The heart reacts if you throw something in one of the garbage cans. The more trash in the bins, the more the panels on the heart close. Until it glows all red. The message is clear: love for everyone keeping the city clean!

Shylight @Paterskerk DOMUSDELA

The moving flowers of the Paters Church, some also see jellyfish or ballerinas in them, get a special twist this GLOW. In fact, the creators of DRIFT developed a custom choreography. The Shylight, as the installation is called, dances this week to the piano music of Annelie de Vries. Bonus tip: during the last two nights of GLOW, you can hear Annelie herself play in the church.

Museum Monsters @Van Abbemuseum

Kids are taking over the Van Abbemuseum this GLOW! Already 20,000 schoolchildren sent in a monster (and you can still do so), which will come to life next week. If you look closely, you can see them at night. On Sunday evening, 13 November, all the monsters will gather for a special takeover of the museum. Come check it out if you dare.

GLOW 2021

A different point of view @Kanaaldijk-Noord - Tenierslaan

In this spectacular performance, sixteen DAF trucks show themselves from another side. On the empty Praxis parking lot, they stand in a circle, their headlights giving the show. If you stand inside the ring, you become part of it and witness the full show. If you stand outside, you have no idea what is going on there. A different point of view...

GLOW ZERO POWER GAME @Anne Frankplantsoen

Ok, time for a game! Form a team with the people you are with. Or the person who happens to be standing next to you, and try to make the lights go on together. This is a fun way to discover the different sustainable energy sources and how they work. And that you too, are a source of energy. Do your best!

Strobilophones @Paradijslaan

You can hear them coming. A strange sound, a murmur, or a hum. And yes, suddenly you see them! Hello Strobilophones! These big blow-up dolls parade down Paradijslaan all week long. Sometimes they suddenly stop in front of someone to strike up the odd conversation. For the first time, GLOW has street theater with dancers, singers and lights. And lots of humor!