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Picture perfect GLOW

During GLOW light festival, there are several works of art to admire, which all deserve a place in your photo gallery. You will find over 25 illuminated artworks in the center, by the water, and in green areas. We will highlight five projects that you don’t want to miss. No matter where your route begins, these five highlights will help you create the most beautiful images!

Grand Mix

Don't forget to warm up your vocal chords for this special experience of Grand Mix. Together with Napoleon Bonaparte or Vincent van Gogh, you can sing classics like "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel. These ancient faces from the Rijksmuseum's collection will come to life in an upbeat sound and light show on Wilhelminaplein. All those smiling faces singing along, will make a great picture. 


Completely recharged from a vacation to Lyon and Leipzig, the Beacon is back on Eindhoven grounds. This spectacular mobile object was a must-see last year, and therefore returns to Eindhoven in a fresh, colorful outfit. What that looks like? Find out for yourself in the green surroundings of DOMUSDELA.



Grab your fellow GLOW wanderers' hand and experience how technology connects people at the mysterious object GLOWBLE. Check it out from all perspectives (to stay in photography terms for a moment): up close, upside down or from a distance. This visual highlight is a true model! 

Evolution of Life

Hold your camera close to capture the city as you've never seen before. While the iconic De Witte Dame building turns into a waterfall, across the street De Admirant turns into a forested landscape. Unwind in the urban jungle of Evolutuon of Life on the Emmasingel. But, stay on the lookout for that perfect picture!


You can already see it from a distance: the dancing light beams of a|rp|play at Heuvel. Unleash your musical talents and create surprising harmonies and movements together with all the other GLOW'ers. Coming back again is definitely recommended, as the work will look different each time. Not musically gifted? No problem. Somebody has to take the pictures ;)

Psst ... don't forget to tag @eindhovencity and use #eindhovencaptured to participate in this month's photo challenge. Good luck!

Eindhoven Captured explained

Are you the owner of the winning picture? Don't forget to join the photochallange #eindhovencaptured! Click here to find out how it works, what you can win and get inspired by the works of others. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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