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Picture perfect GLOW

During GLOW light festival, there are several works of art to admire, which all deserve a place in your photo gallery. You will find over 30 illuminated artworks in the center, by the water, and in green areas. We will highlight five projects that you don’t want to miss. No matter where your route begins, these five highlights will help you create the most beautiful images!


There she is, high in the sky above the canal. The spotlights are literally on Lucy, coming from two gigantic World War II searchlights. The strength of one lamp is similar to 800 million candles(!). Back in the day, these searchlights were used to track down bombers, but during GLOW, they form one of the most photogenic highlights. You got it? High-light!

The Reed

Based on poetry by Jan Hanlo, a colorful fantasy story will brighten Villa Dommelhoef during GLOW. The Reed is best described as a poetic journey between senses, landscapes, and human dreams. The music and sound design symphony find its inspiration in Dutch history, poetry, and nature. Be sure to get a spot at the front for the best pictures!


Museum Monsters

For this monstrous projection, children are in charge. For once, children are allowed to take over the Van Abbemuseum with their own creations, both inside and outside. Layer by layer, the monsters come to life and create the skin of the city that keeps getting thicker and thicker. Do you want to join? Submit your drawings, conquer the museum and capture your creations from the outside. Save them for later in a photo album!


This project is named after the creative, infinite form with no beginning or ending: the circle. Pythagoras (the triangle guy) called this shape a "Monad." As such, Monad tells the story of eternal life and allows us to reflect and inspire. Be amazed at the grounds of the High Tech Campus, and don't forget to capture this beautiful video projection on the water.


You’ll hear some strange noises in the distance and suddenly you see it: gigantic, walking inflatable creatures. Before you know it, you are chatting with them with a smile on your face. Brightening the streets with a touch of humor and interaction, the gigantic and colorful inflatable structures invite visitors to dream, dance, and discover new worlds. Make sure to keep your camera ready!

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