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GLOW route 2022: 6x Ideal starting points

The time has come again. From 12 November to 19, Eindhoven will be in the spotlight of GLOW. And yes, you can walk the familiar route through the city again this year. Of course, you decide where to start your route, but we would like to help you on your way. Check the six best starting points for GLOW 2022 here.

Central Station

If you come by train, you are in luck. Because the station is a perfect starting point for your GLOW adventure. You immediately get a warm welcome from the light artwork Stay Tuned: a spectacle of image and sound which invites you to marvel at the smallest thing with the biggest impact. That the small can have a significant impact is also known by ASML, the co-designer of this colorful play of light. With their microchips, they make a worldwide impact on our modern society every day. Cool!

Address: Stationsplein 22


Another ideal starting point is DOMUSDELA, one of the loops on the route. That means you can admire several works of light art on the grounds through the site. There are five in total. At Brasserie Rita, found in the DOMUSDELA complex, you can also kick off the evening with dinner or coffee first. Anyway, on to the works. We listed them for you: 

  • Awakening of Mary: This video shows women in all their nakedness. Pure. The head covered with clips of their skin, making Mary "tangible" and closer to us.

  • Shylight: Studio DRIFT developed these dancing flowers of natural silk. During GLOW these magical objects move to the piano composition of Annelie de Vries, who treats you the last GLOW weekend with a live performance.

  • Flylight: Birds are the ultimate symbol of freedom, yet they also form a unity when they move in swarms. This 'flocking' behavior is the inspiration for this mesmerizing light installation by Studio DRIFT.

  • Culture: The work "Culture" by Tom&Lien Dekyvere humorously depicts the issue of food supplies now and in the future. 

  • We Are The Times: Ancient, timeless insights continue to inspire us today. DOMUSDELA is happy to share them with you. 

Address: Kanaalstraat 4

Loom Light

Van Abbemuseum

On the edge of the center, you start at the Van Abbemuseum, where scary, funny, and enchanting monsters greet you. Yes, you read that correctly; real monsters. They were created by elementary school children and first-graders from the city. This monstrous creation was conceived by the artist and founder of De Ontdek Fabriek: Hugo Vrijdag, with the goal that every child should have hung in a museum before the age eighteen. Good news: new monstrous works are still welcome! So do you have kids, nieces, nephews, or a creative neighbor boy/girl? Then let them upload their museum monster here

Address: Stratumsedijk 2


Want to start with butterflies in your stomach? You can do so at the shopping center, the Heuvel, among other places! The work Connecting Your Love is inspired by the Chinese symbol of love: the butterfly. Throughout the center and beyond, butterflies flutter about and, with some luck, even react to your presence. Fact: The physical butterflies are handmade by Chinese master craftsmen at the Qinhuai Lantern Festival in Nanjing. Do you want to start here? Don't forget to spot the butterflies at Market Square and the Green Tower. You won't regret it ;) 

Address: Heuvel Galerie 133

GLOW Van Abbemuseum

NRE site

The NRE site is a great place to kick off the GLOW route. After a bite at Fifth or the Cyklist, you can look at A Lifetime of Hands. A film that introduces you to 43 pairs of hands, each telling their own story. Working hands or completely flawless hands, tell a lot about a person's life. Artist Toos Nijssen has been inspired by this all her life and made work of it with the residents of Vitalis Woonzorg Centrum in Gestel. What do these hands tell you?

Address: Nachtegaallaan

Anne Frankplantsoen

Walking enthusiasts know: the Anne Frankplantsoen is a pretty nice place to walk, but during GLOW, even more so. During the festival  the park turns into the backdrop for a spectacular light show. The ideal place to start your GLOW adventure! The Anne Frankplantsoen is also a loop in the route. So plenty to see:

  • Stringed: Seemingly floating in the air, waves of animated points of light come together at the last moment in a story that disappears from view as quickly as it came.

  • Beacon: The residents of Jyväskylä in Finland, Lyon in France, and Eindhoven designed this art object to make residents think about the use of conscious materials.

  • ZERO POWER GAME: Coded Club is using this project to activate awareness about sustainable energy sources in a playful way. 

  • Unplugged: This giant light bulb lights up the 'vibes' of Eindhoven when you touch the big plug with your hands. 

Address: Anne Frankplantsoen