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10x Must-sees during GLOW

GLOW 2021

GLOW has been and always will be a magical week. It will only get better if you know where to go. Whether you like to be part of a light performance, or like to immerse yourself in the art, you will definitely be amazed. We take you along all GLOW highlights, so you know where to find the most impressive works. Have fun!

Stay Tuned @Stationsplein

Starting with perhaps the biggest one of all projects: Stay Tuned. You can't ignore it, as the project is located just outside the station. The light projection is a about a character whos all about technology, collaboration, and the energy they generate. This project by ASML, amongst others, is about the tiniest man-made objects that are absolutely essential in our modern world. Just think of all those chips that give us a hand with technological progress every single day.

Fish are jumping @Kanaalzone

Remember the work 'Bouncing Ideas' from last year? Once again, Studio Toer has succeeded in conveying the movement of a jumping fish with their project 'Fish are jumping.' It is silent and dark for a moment, but the water's surface suddenly breaks open. Flashes of light jump out of the water and reflect. Cool!

GLOW 2022

Awakening of Mary @Paterskerk

Women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds represent the Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary. The life-size yet intimate video projection on canvas by Titia Ex, makes Mary almost tangible. The ultimate goal of this work is to connect people in the public space. And that's exactly what will happen at Paterskerk. 


The multimedia installation "Culture" by Belgian artist duo Tom and Lien Dekyvere lets us think about the future of our food supplies. You can purchase tomatoes grown with LED lights, the substitute for the sun, at the vending machine in the courtyard of the DOMUSDELA complex. A great snack to take away.

Beacon @Anne Frankplantsoen

The unique artwork 'Beacon' travels around Europe and has already been owned by residents from Finland, France, and now The Netherlands, Eindhoven. In fact, the artwork needs cooperation to exist. On location, you are invited to participate actively in this collective project. After all, without your help, there will be no light.

GLOW 2022

Parade @City center

Most works of light art have a fixed location, but this highlight by Picto Facto finds its way walking through the city. Giant, luminous inflatable puppets stroll through town with a lot of commotion. If you can't see them, you will hear them. With the necessary humor and interaction, this parade will make your evening stroll even more joyful. There's going to be a smile on your face, we promise! 

Connecting Your Love @De Markt, De Heuvel, Het Catharinaplein en Eindhoven Airport

One heartwarming message for sure! For thousands of years, the butterfly has been a symbol of love in Chinese mythology. The 300 magical butterflies, made in collaboration between ASML and the Efteling, swirl around the city. Catch them in the Heuvel, on the market, near the Green Tower, and even at Eindhoven Airport. These butterflies tell the story of connection, a new beginning, and love. 

Monad @High Tech Campus

It takes a little roadtrip, but definitely worth a visit: on the High Tech Campus, a very special project is being projected. Monad, a video projection on a water screen, tells an inspiring story about life and death which makes you wonder and reflect. Together with the multimedia work 'Luna,' this makes the smartest square kilometer of The Netherlands a true GLOW attraction.

Lichterblij @Bleekweg

Come closer and experience the work of artist Elke Veltman and (city) poet Jessica Bartels. Together they highlight the life stories of lonely elderly people. Experience all the personal stories by listening, reading, and feeling as soon as the lights switch on.

Bonus tip: the GLOW audio tour

Many senses are stimulated during GLOW, but to fully immerse yourself in the stories of all the beautiful artworks, you can listen to the GLOW audio tour. While walking, you will discover even more unique information about the artists, light art, and the city itself. All for a small price of €2. Don't forget your earphones!