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6x Must-sees during GLOW

GLOW has been and always will be a magical week. It will only get better if you know where to go. Whether you like to be part of a light performance, or like to immerse yourself in the art, you will definitely be amazed. We take you along all GLOW highlights, so you know where to find the most impressive works. Have fun!

Rhythm @18 Septemberplein

Inspired by groups of dancing fireflies, Rhythm shows us that everything is connected. We all dance to the same rhythm; the better we understand this, the better we can live together. Right? After all, we do share 99.9% of the same DNA. Rhythm's DNA strains symbolize that thought and gradually come to life in a giant heartbeat that connects us.

SHAPE @Stadhuisplein

This year, DAF shines its light again at GLOW with three trucks in the lead role. SHAPE tells the story of tiny screws, cylinder heads, and heavy engine blocks. Together, they form "The Beat," of a gigantic industry for which DAF laid the foundation in Eindhoven 95 years ago. This work shows how all the engine parts work together to form the beating heart of these extraordinary vehicles.

GLOW 2022

Grand Mix @Wilhelminaplein

Is the karaoke bar your favorite place on a Friday night? Then Grand Mix is a must-sing. And, you won’t sing alone … Ever heard Napoleon Bonaparte or Vincent van Gogh sing? Famous figures and their voices come to life and will probably blow you away with their singing skills. In short: you need to hear this!

Evolution of Life @Emmasingel

Where the Emmasingel usually is the pinnacle of urban vibes (hello modern architecture!), this changes during GLOW! During the light festival, you will experience the tranquility of nature in the heart of Eindhoven. Evolution of Life takes you to a serene paradise where city and nature merge. This artwork combines projections, light effects, animations, 3D motion effects, and sounds for an unforgettable experience.

GLOW 2021

Primary @Van Abbemuseum

Light art is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Van Abbemuseum. During GLOW, you will experience the light artwork Primary: a combination of a magenta light installation and a series of soundscapes that constantly intersect. Wander through the different spaces and see the work change before your eyes.

Ik zie, ik zie... @Paterskerk

Eindhoven creativity starts at a young age, proves Ik zie, ik zie... (I see, I see) This work by Hugo Vrijdag and children in elementary school from all over Eindhoven consists of an impressive, and homemade sea of flowers. In addition to flowers, their very own self-portraits look over their work through the stained glass of the church. And because everyone deserves a light, the flowers will be donated after the light festival to people who unfortunately couldn't visit GLOW.