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STRP-tip: Music program

If you're a fervent STRP-goer, you're likely familiar with the scenarios & talks. But the musical program is also an absolute highlight during the festival. This year, you can expect to discover a slew of new futuristic electro artists and interactive artworks at the pop-up art club by BREEK x STRP

Where and when?

On April 13th from 9:00 to 23:00 at Microstad. Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan 2, Eindhoven.

Do you need a ticket?

For the musical program, you'll need a regular STRP ticket. You can get one here.

How do you get there?

Microstad is about a five-minute walk from Eindhoven Central Station. Head to the north side (where the buses are) and turn right, you'll see it on the right side.

Why should you go?

Not only is the musical program of STRP the talk of the town, but it's also a fantastic way to wrap up the three-day fest. During BREEK x STRP, you'll encounter interactive and futuristic artworks, as well as performances by new (local) artists. Conclusion: get ready to dance through this musical journey and leave with a fresh perspective on the world.

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