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10x Tea parties with or without pastries

In the Netherlands, we are known to chug liters of coffee. Coffee culture is a thing here, but we also enjoy a cup of tea. We even have one of the Netherlands' best tea sommeliers in Eindhoven. Long story short: there is plenty of tea to taste and discover here! Let yourself be surprised by the influences of Chinese tea culture or enjoy an English 'cuppa' during an afternoon tea. 

Tea Stories

The obvious choice for tea lovers is Tea Stories, Lucia Parlanti's tea bar at Strijp-S. After visiting China, her husband's native country, she fell in love with tea culture. Lucky for us, she decided to spread that love here in Eindhoven. Their menu consists of all kinds of tea from countries such as Japan, China, and Taiwan. Besides tea (hot, cold, with boba or without), you can stop by for homemade dumplings, a croissandwich with sesame ice cream or one of their other snacks. Yum! Sounds delicious? Run, don't walk(!) to Tea Stories for their fully vegan high-tea.


When it comes to tea, bubble (or boba) tea is still relatively unknown territory for many people. After all, what is it? We'll give you a quick run-through. This popular drink has its roots in Taiwan. Bubble tea consists of tea, milk, fruit syrup, and tapioca balls (boba) in various colors and flavors. Try it at MÖGE TEE, right at the heart of downtown. Ready for the next level? Get out of your comfort zone and try their "cheese foam tea." We promise: it's better than it sounds!

Tea Stories Eindhoven

Zwartwit Koffie

If you've been to Zwartwit Koffie before, you know that quality is essential here. Besides having delicious coffee from the guys at Sprout (the coffee roasters at the NRE grounds), they make their own chai latte! Definitely worth trying. You can order it with regular milk or plant-based milks. A bit of cinnamon on top, and the deliciousness can begin. Other recommendations are the slightly sweet white tea, the fruity green tea with amarena cherry, or the homemade iced tea. Enjoy!

Anne & Max

Anne & Max's products are as organic as possible, freshly prepared, and in harmony with the season. Almost everything can be ordered for takeaway, but nothing beats sitting down in their cozy living room for an extensive high tea with lots of delicious pastries. The options are endless! A tea worth mentioning is their own 'Today-I'm-staying-inside' herbal tea with orange, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger root. Recommended for when the temperatures drop. That way, you'll be cozy either way!

Dille & Kamille

Since the first store opened in 1974, you can visit Dille & Kamille for everything related to tea. Their wide range of teas is compiled by none other than tea specialist Vivian van Wordragen. You can choose from 40 varieties of loose leaf teas. Make a moment of it and drink a cup in their cafe while browsing through their book Tea Secrets. You'll learn all about the origins of tea, discover the best way to brew it at home, and dive into the world of recipes with tea. Win-win! 

Het Koffiehuisje

The freshly dried teas at Het Koffiehuisje are purchased directly from the farmer. That way, they get a fair price, and you get a delicious cup of tea! For summery days (or days when you long for summer), they have a refreshing tea called "Tropic like it's hot." Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers with their floral tea full of camomile and lavender. Fancy a pastry? At Het Koffiehuisje, they'll serve you one of their many homemade cakes and pies!

Pinkie Patisserie
Intelligentia Strijp-S

Brownies & Downies

Brownies & Downies at Victoriapark is another cozy address for a high tea. You are served various sweet and savory treats in multiple rounds. Delicious! The people with Down Syndrome working there are what makes this place unique. They offer warm hospitality in its purest form and a big smile each day. Settle down on the almost always sunny terrace. When it rains, the sunshine is just inside!

Pinkie Patisserie

Warning: get ready to be flabbergasted. Pinkie Patisserie's pastries are almost too pretty to eat, but they are too delicious to resist! From their famous carrot cake to exclusive pastries like "Fruit Exotique," everything is made by pastry chefs. Since choosing from all the beautiful pastries is almost impossible - you shouldn't want to - it's best to enjoy a little of everything during a high-quality, high tea. Leave some for us, please!


We can't talk about tea without mentioning Intelligentia. Not only is owner Björn Cocu a master of ice cream, but he can also claim the title of one of the Netherlands' best tea sommeliers. He knows what he is doing. Drop by for ice cream, and stick around for tea. Their tea is not served the traditional way. In the Wonder Room, you imagine yourself in a surreal Wonderland during afternoon tea. Don't be surprised when the liquid in your cup is blue. All the senses are stimulated here, that's for sure. 

Chinees Paviljoen You Ning

Get ready for an explosion of flavors at Strijp-S. You may know Eveline Wu as the chef of Mood restaurant, but she couldn't resist opening a true tea paradise. Her new gem carries the name Chinese pavilion You Ning. A Chinese paradise where unique Chinese tea flavors are combined with a selection of great dim sum snacks handcrafted by talented chefs. Even the building's bricks come from China!