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Keep cool: 10x Places (almost) on the waterfront

What’s more delightful than cooling off by the water on a hot summer’s day? A lovely beach, blue sky, an endless sea. Let's be honest, even with a rising sea level, Eindhoven is far from being a coastal town. And you won't find any cute canals in Eindje either. Still, there are plenty of places to chill out on the quayside. So, where to go for some summer cooling? We've listed ten excellent (almost) waterfront tips. True city oases, if you ask us!

’t Boothuiske

Sailing to Eindhoven. It may sound crazy, but it's not. You can easily moor your boat in Beatrixhaven. And even without a boat, this is an excellent place to spend some time. The spacious harbor deck of 't Boothuiske is a lovely place to sit both in the greenery and by the water.

Van Abbemuseum

The new exhibition, Eindhoven: a HipHop story, is reason enough to make a beeline for the Van Abbemuseum. But there is also plenty to discover around the art hall. Take the front garden, designed by Piet Oudolf. Or the terrace of the museum café, located by an inland lake of the Dommel in the middle of playful urban nature. You can sit here even without a museum ticket. Lovely!



Stadsbrouwerij is a great place to drink beer by the water. Or rather, almost by the water because there is a bicycle path between you and the river Dommel. But who cares? With a delicious home-brewed Orchestra of Angels beer in front of you, you’re just enjoying the good life. 


Eindhoven icon Evoluon is again open to the general public with the RetroFuture exhibition, and after an afternoon of inspiration, settle down at Brasserie Next. The spacious deck at the pond is a great place to be in the summer.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

The real lucky ones are the ones working by the water. At High Tech Campus Eindhoven, already surrounded by greenery, the pond is the cooling centerpiece. You can enjoy lunch here with a view of the pond or stroll along with the quacking ducks.


IJzeren Man is as close as you can get to relaxing by the water. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the cozy bohemian atmosphere of DOK149 from your beach chair. Or dance the night away to the beats of the DJ.

IJzeren Man
IJzeren Man

Roeivereniging Beatrix

For everyone who does not only want to be near the water but on it, there is the Beatrix Rowing Club. You can enjoy rowing on your own or with a team. The club is located in a beautiful nature reserve by the canal. Want to know more? On Saturday morning, between 10.30 am and 11.30 am, you are always welcome for a cup of coffee.

Genneper Parken

Talking about beautiful nature reserves, the Genneper Parken is another green pearl with lots of water flowing through it. Highly recommended: rent a sup board and discover the Eindhoven jungle while paddling.

preHistorisch Dorp

From the Genneper Parken, preHistorisch Dorp is just around the corner. Unfortunately, the outdoor seating of cafe Den Bonten Os is not located directly near the local lake. Apparently, not a big thing in prehistoric times. But why not jump into a wooden canoe here, as your ancestors undoubtedly did?

De Watermolen van Opwetten

The Opwetten watermill has stood on this green land between Eindhoven and Nuenen for around a thousand years. In the past, you could have seen Vincent van Gogh passing by; now, you can grab a drink and enjoy a beautiful view of the meadows along the Kleine Dommel.