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5x Original spots for a picnic

What could be better than a leisurely lunch in the sun? Absolutely nothing beats a summer picnic! Eindhoven is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands, so finding a pleasant picnic spot is a breeze. But if you are looking for that next-level picnic spot to impress your date, you’ve come to the right place! Pack your basket because we’ve got you covered with the five most original places for a picnic.


You will find Eindhoven's busiest patch of grass next to Ketelhuisplein. On this postage stamp of a lawn, it's cozy in no time. Perfect for long summer afternoons and evenings with your friends. Cold drinks and snacks are always available at the Ketelhuis and at Vershal het Veem. Now and then RaRaRadio opens their doors to make your summer evening complete with cheerful music and maybe even a dance.


IJzeren Man

When you think of picnics, you imagine the grass between your toes, but snacking with your feet in the sand is just as delightful. At Recreation Lake IJzeren Man, you can picnic on the city beach and take a refreshing dip between the courses. Perfect for those hot summer days. Keep in mind there’s a 5 euros entrance fee. Looking for a free picnic spot? Then read on!

Philips de Jongh Wandelpark

The historic Philips de Jongh Wandelpark (walking park) is one of the many monuments Philips left behind for the city. As the name suggests, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll in this big park. Its numerous lawns make it an ideal picnic spot. The large, old trees provide shade and cooling, and because it’s located outside the city center, you’ll find yourself in an oasis of tranquility. So, do you want to escape the bustling city center? Find your peace and settle down with your picnic blanket in Philips de Jongh Park.

Philips de Jongh Wandelpark

One of the ‘vennetjes’

Are you a true picnic adventurer? Grab your bike and head towards one of the ‘vennetjes’ (small lakes) around Eindhoven. These hidden gems will make your picnic extra special. Our favorite? That would be Rietven, located in the forest towards Stratumse Heide. There, you can sit on a small beach by an idyllic lake (okay, large pond) surrounded by nature. What more could you ask for?

Genneper Watermill

Eindhoven and Vincent van Gogh go hand in hand. This world-renowned painter spent a lot of time exploring the region, and his favorite subject? Watermills! In 1884, he also painted the Genneper Watermill in the Genneper Parken. On the banks of the Dommel River, you'll find a bronze statue of the painter, right where he created his masterpiece. Knowing all of this won’t make your picnic taste better, but let's admit it, it's a pretty cool story. So, if you want to make your summer date with your new love interest extra special, this picnic spot is definitely for you. Bonus tip: Get some delicious treats for your picnic basket from the Genneper Hoeve, the city farm in the Genneper Parken.

Summer time magic

Summer time is a magical season. The city becomes your playground, with tons of festivals and events. Music, art, design, food: Eindhoven has it all. Ready to make some plans for this summer? 

Festival season is here!