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7x Sports to practice outside

Running in nature, sweating during a fitness boot camp or becoming zen with a yoga class in the park: exercising outside has many advantages. Check out these seven ideas for outdoor activities!

Dribble until you drop!

Unfortunately, we're not all known as Michael Jordan, so a little personal practice won't harm us. EMOVES, a collaboration between Dynamo, Area51, and The Ruggeds, have gathered all urban sports spots in Eindhoven on one urban map. Find a basketball court or pole to practice your dribble and dunk!

The harder you run ...

Going for a bit more extreme workout? Or are you planning to train for the marathon? Put on those running shoes and head outside. The city has plenty of greenery, and each dynamic district has a suitable place to practice this outdoor sport. For example, one of these fourteen parks! Would you rather go get your 10k steps? Then you've come to the right place too!


Zen again

Not only good for the body but also the mind: yoga. Yoga is known to strengthen your muscles, improve your posture and reduce stress. So it's worth a try! Where is the best place to do so? First of all, in a place where you feel good. Maybe you can get ahead at one of Eindhoven's many parks. Or book an outdoor lesson: check out Hotel Piet Hein Eek for yoga on the roof terrace, or Joke Pluijm for a session at Wasven. 

Skating, skateboarding and BMX

The Stadhuisplein has become an outdoor skate hall for everyone who wants to practice their trick or just chill. If it still rains, you'd better roll over to Area51. The skate hall may call itself the largest skate hall in Benelux! It's not outdoors, but you'll be astonished since the skate hall recently underwent an enormous transformation. Besides a playing field of about 3000 square meters for skaters and BMX'ers, breakdancers can train their moves in one of the four studios. If this is not enough reason to come and have a look, the basement offers space for art and music!


When we think of physical exercise, we think of sweating, puffing, and burning calories. But for those who prefer the peace and quiet of nature, the Dommel offers a solution. From surfing to canoeing, ideal for an outing with friends on a scorching hot day. You can easily rent sup at Eindje Suppen. You can also sit down for a paddle, but in that case, we recommend you to go for a canoe. This way, you can see why Eindhoven is the second greenest city in the Netherlands!


Freerunning, calisthenics and parcours 

As a city of urban culture, freerunning cannot be missed on this list. The beauty of this sport is that it can be performed almost anywhere. The city is your playground! The place to improve your freerunning skills, if you want to, is at Commit040. Eindhoven has several calisthenic parks, including Urban Sportpark Eindhoven in Drents Dorp, to stay in the spirit of urban sports. You can also do back flips at the accompanying Parkour Park Eindhoven or stunt with your (BMX) bike at the Pump Track. 


Voluntarily getting drilled in the outdoors. That is fitness boot camp in a nutshell. But in addition to getting some fresh air, you also get a fit body. Isn't that nice? Eindhoven is the place to be for boot camp enthusiasts. Google 'Bootcamp in Eindhoven' and you will find dozens of options throughout the city. Go for it!