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Bobbie Vintage Tour Eindhoven

Let us introduce you to Bobbie Bodt: a vintage fanatic with a newfound love for Eindhoven. As a self-proclaimed collector, she is always on the lookout for curiosities, unique interior design items, and, last but not least, "pearls." Follow the tour and wander through the city to her favorite places for vintage, design, and more!

About the tour

The tour takes you to eleven (vintage) stores throughout the city. You will start in the city center, pass by district de Bergen and Strijp-S, and end up in the colorful Woensel-West. To complete your tour: there's a couple of spots listed for coffee and lunch. Enjoy! PS the video is in Dutch. 


1. Vielgut @City center

We're kicking things off with a bang. Everything at Vielgut comes from sustainable brands and is well made. Cute detail: the owners, like Bobbie, love vintage. They love to wander around flea markets, where they regularly buy lots of goodies for the shelves. Surprise! Vielgut is also the first store in the Netherlands where you can try on the jewelry by Bobbie Vintage. Off to a great start! 

Nieuwe Emmasingel 38

2. Leverage @City center

New in Eindhoven is Leverage: a vintage store in the shopping center Heuvel. The store is the place to be for sneakerheads and lovers of streetwear. Get yourself a unique pair, or treat yourself to a baggy sweater. 

Heuvel 126


3. All Vintage @De Bergen

All Vintage, from the same owners as boutique All Denim, is the first(!) all vintage store in the city center. You might wonder, where do all those beautiful pieces of clothing come from? Well, owners Willeke and Hanneke buy some of the clothes themselves; the other part comes from people who want to give their preloved pieces a second life. Sounds good, right? 

Keizersgracht 22

4. Magda Boutique @De Bergen

Next stop: Magda Boutique. This beautiful, pink-colored(!) boutique is run by two ladies: Wytstke and Margot. Sorry, there's no vintage on the shelves here, but there is an excellent selection of (Dutch) design brands, like Róhe, Nanushka, and Rika Studios.

Bergstraat 43 

5. Eeden Conceptstore @De Bergen

A little further down Bergstraat, you will find Eeden Conceptstore. A store and studio founded by sisters Evy and Tessa. When they are not scouring the country for vintage (design) gems, they are working on their own sustainable clothing line made from residual materials. Extra tip: they usually host a shopping night with champagne on Thursday.

Bergstraat 8a

All Vintage
All Vintage

6. Frankies Favorites @Strijp-S

On to Strijp-S for another three stores, starting with Frankies Favorites. What once started as a nook in the Urban Shopper is now an individual gem. So, take a peek through the large industrial windows for preloved bags, shoes, jackets, and more to add to your closet.

Torenallee 40-10 

7. Urban Shopper @Strijp-S

An eclectic collection of entrepreneurs, that's Urban Shopper. The modern mall at Strijp-S houses about 20 retailers. From bric-a-brac to books, they have something for everyone here. So take your time when visiting!

Torenallee 60

8. Vintage Vêtements @Strijp-S

Another great addition to this list is Vintage Vêtements. The shiny floor, cool clothing, and great vibe are reminiscent of hotspots in London. Back to Eindhoven and all the vintage gems you've come for: from Italian dresses to leather loafers, owner Ilya has it all laid out for you.

Leidingstraat 43

Frankies Favorites

9. Van Alles en Co @Woensel-West

We have arrived at one of Bobbie's recent favorites! Van Alles en Co. It's a paradise full of funky finds and the perfect place for a break. They serve coffee, lunch, and even snack platters, all while being surrounded by porcelain treasures and other lovely items.

Edisonstraat 33

10. Strange Avenue @Woensel-West

In the words of Bobbie: this is the place par excellence for oddities. Or at least for everything that is not mainstream. The owners of Strange Avenue are always in search of new finds and, not unexpectedly, bring back all kinds of remarkable objects. Their ideology is: there is no beauty without some strangeness. That's how it is.

Edisonstraat 25

11. Karoesell @Woensel-West

The Bobbie Vintage Tour ends at an old-fashioned thrift store in Woensel-West. Karoesell is big and challenges you to browse for what suits you. In the video tour, Bobbie already gives you a little tip: how to turn something into nothing with a bit of creativity. Try it yourself!

Edisonstraat 147a 

Van Alles en Co
Van Alles en Co