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Eindhoven Souvenir: Min Young

The Eindhoven dream: moving for Philips. South Korean Min Young followed it. At home she could have remained part of Hyundai’s community, but she took the plunge and began her studies at Design Academy Eindhoven without speaking a single word of English or Dutch.  

It is the creative mindset and the city’s ability to re-invent itself that she recognises in herself. Her FoodLAB in Yksi Expo at Strijp-S focuses on food and design. The lab therefore serves as a platform for talented designers. But even as a non-designer, you can just drop by. Just like her other favourite places in the city. Watch the video below and dive into her favourite spots in the city!

Min Young
I love to go to Lucifer with a book. Sit there, read some, watch people, have some coffee. Always in a hidden corner. Perfect.

Min Young Korean FoodLAB

Min Young’s Korean FoodLAB proves that design and food go hand in hand. You can go to Yksi at Strijp-S for all kinds of food creations (kimchi pancake!) at lunchtime, or let yourself be surprised at one of the experimental dinner events. And do you, like Min Young, love exciting crossovers? Then be sure to check out her collabs with designers and design studios.

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