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Eindhoven Souvenir: Yetunde

Londoner Yetunde came for love and stayed for Eindhoven. Why? Cultural melting pots like Woensel-West, greenery everywhere right on your doorstep and cool hangouts for queer and other events, and an occasional drink. A good start, but there’s more!  

According to Yetunde, people here are open to everything that is ‘not normal’, and you make a real difference here. Oh, and she also created a place where you can be 100% yourself (hi YATVA). In the video above, Yetunde tells you all and more about her love for Eindhoven. You’re just a scroll away from her favorite tips, including fancy restaurants and laid-back pubs. You’re welcome.

I recommend that you meet new and different people. That’s what I like. And with all these new expats here, it’s great.

Love at first sight: Edisonstraat

If Yetunde has to choose a favorite spot in Eindhoven, it is Edisonstraat. ‘Vibrant. Loud. Heartbeats. We’re alive.’ Edison is the beating heart of Woensel-West and one of the city’s most vibrant streets.

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