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Eindhoven Souvenir: Roy

Roy and his dance crew, The Ruggeds, are known all over the world. They are a modern family of people who are passionate about breaking and breakdancing. Even after becoming a world champion or showing off his dancing skills in a Justin Bieber music video(!), he keeps coming back to Eindhoven, his absolute home base.

Why is it impossible for him to leave the city without returning? Maybe it’s in the water, but it’s probably more in his nature. You can do your own thing and be part of the bubble at the same time. Want to know how? Roy shares it all. 

In Eindhoven, you really feel like you’re part of that bubble, by which I mean the opportunities to do your thing. Trust. The city trusts us and we trust the city.

City of urban culture

From urban sports to street art: Eindhoven is the urban capital of the Netherlands. We prove this every year at several events when world-class and young talent come together in Eindhoven to perform at a high level for the general public. With The Ruggeds, Roy is also a big part of this community. Try spotting them during a training session at Area51.

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