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Eindhoven from A to Z: Dutch Design Week

The title "Design Capital of the Netherlands" doesn't just fall into your lap; you've got to earn it. So, how did Eindhoven manage to do that? It might help that we host the largest design event in Northern Europe! From the third weekend in October all the way to the end of the month, Eindhoven is completely immersed in Dutch Design Week (DDW). With those two capital Ds, we probably don't need to spell out why the D in the Eindhoven alphabet stands for DDW!

If you're new to Eindhoven or it's your first time visiting the city, you might be wondering what to expect from the biggest design event in Northern Europe. Well, you're in the right place with this series. DDW showcases design in its broadest sense: from unique furniture and imaginative installations to design that's focused on social and societal issues. For nine days, more than 2,600 designers display their work at over 100 different locations.

Dutch Design Week
Dutch Design Week

During DDW, you'll get a sneak peek behind the scenes at creative hubs, witness designers in action, and, most importantly, have conversations with them about their projects. Because even though there are plenty of pretty things to see (and buy), Dutch Design Week is fundamentally about creating a better, more sustainable future. Designers, with their creative minds and insatiable curiosity, play a pivotal role in that endeavor.

Ketelhuisplein Dutch Design Week 2022

Dive into DDW

Are you prepared for a substantial dose of design, with a capital D? In our beginner's guide and practical information, you'll find all the details for a perfect and carefree first DDW experience. It's good to know that DDW is also a fantastic event for young design enthusiasts. Take a look at our Dutch Design Week for kids to discover where they can have the most fun during DDW. Are you mainly looking forward to the numerous parties you can attend during DDW? We've got you covered!

If you're reading this shortly after October and feeling a bit down, don't fret, because Eindhoven Design District is a haven for design enthusiasts all year long. Check out this page to keep your design hunger satiated until the next DDW!

Eindhoven from A to Z

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