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Eindhoven from A to Z: Quiz

Search for 'pub quiz Eindhoven', and you'll find that you'll never have to be bored again. Every night of the week, you can join in somewhere for some Harry Potter trivia or quirky music facts. We even have a special quiz for newcomers. Curious? Check out everything about the Q for ... Quiz!

Whether you're a whiz with the periodic table, excel in random fun facts, or just enjoy fetching the beers, the pub quiz is for everyone. There are movie quizzes at Lab-1, international quizzes at the High Tech Campus, or the Zwarte Doos for students. Plus, plenty of quizzes and game nights at local pubs. Check out this list for inspiration, or swing by Café 't Rozenknopje, where the Sing-a-long Popkwis will happen soon. You can sign up for a quiz solo or with a team. For example, at Eindhoven International Quiz Night, there's always room for individuals without a group. The largerst quiz in Eindhoven? That's the annual Quiz Night XL with over 1400 participants. Loads of fun!

Homewards The Quiz

Homewards The Quiz

Especially for newcomers in the Eindhoven region, there's Homewards The Quiz. You'll explore your sense of home in Eindhoven with a team of peers. With a quiz? Absolutely! Not to test your knowledge but to introduce you to the city and its locals in an unforgettable way. Homewards The Quiz is for both Dutch and international newcomers. Keep an eye on @eindhovencity for the next edition!

Eindhoven from A to Z

Curious about what defines Eindhoven? We asked newcomers, enthusiastic visitors, and locals alike. The outcome? The ultimate Eindhoven alphabet – from Area 51 to the Z of 'Zachte G'. No idea what that means? We'll tell you all about it! 

Discover the Eindhoven alphabet