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Eindhoven from A to Z: Vibes

Just as little Obelix once fell into a cauldron of magic potion, Eindhoven must have been first in line when creativity and innovation were being handed out. We love to experiment and pioneer here. And unexpected collaborations? We thrive on them. It's often where the most beautiful things emerge. Truly understanding Eindhoven means experiencing that energy. That's why the 'V' naturally stands for Vibes.

You've probably seen those three wavy lines before that make up the Vibes. A group of creatives from Eindhoven designed them twelve years ago as the city's official logo. Since then, they've adorned every letter you receive from City Hall. But even more exciting are the unexpected places where they pop up. The emblem of Eindhoven is, in fact, open source. That means anyone can play with it. And we're all for it! You might catch the Vibes in local business logos, as fancy latte art on your coffee, or even inked onto someone's arm. We even have a local fashion brand called THE VIBE.


Share the Vibe

So, what exactly is this Vibe all about? Describing energy with words can be tricky, right? That's why we went ahead and turned it into a formula - after all, we're a tech city.

Unconventional x Collaboration = Energy.

That's short for seeking collaboration and daring to venture off the beaten path. Want to know how? We find these creators to be great inspiration. Share your energy online #sharethevibe, we're excited to see what you're up to! Or make an impact in the real world. Eindhoven has thrived because of people like you.

Eindhoven from A to Z

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