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Share the Vibe: Meslahi

It was a children's fantasy that just burst when Melissa Verhoeven ('meslahi') first saw the Evoluon inside. As a child, she had turned it into a UFO full of extraterrestrial life, and secretly that image had persisted all this time. Until two years ago she stepped inside the Evoluon and it turned out that there was little cosmic about the whole event location. Bang!

Dreamy, spacy and a bit extraterrestrial

Consider this Share the Vibe therefore as the revenge of a children's fantasy. Dreamy, spacey and a bit extraterrestrial, it's a side that also belongs to Eindhoven. And if you’re lucky you’ll get a feel of it in the night, when the city is illuminated by purple and green colors. Think of places like the Evoluon, Strijp-S and the area around Eindhoven Airport. Places full of neon lights, and a vibe that anything is possible.

Meslahi Share-the-Vibe

About the makers:

They've been close friends since they were eleven years old, but after high school, video maker Melissa Verhoeven and producer Pierette Goossens completely lose sight of each other. Melissa becomes a photography student, Pierette signs up for theatre school. Years later they bump into each other again and continue where they left off. The two now work together regularly on video productions.

Concept/Art direction: Melissa Verhoeven
Productie: Pierette Goossens
D.O.P: Melissa Verhoeven & Quintijn Maas
Gaffer: Quintijn Maas
Edit: Melissa Verhoeven & Johan Verhoeven
Music: Berthil Reymound
Model: Lisa Langley
Styling: Pierette Goossens & Second Floor
MUA: Sara Corstens
Big thanks to: Rik Stabel, Dick Rennings, Second Floor, Pythia Winia