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Share the Vibe: Teun Zwets

Maker Teun Zwets, a Design Academy graduate since 2020, prefers not to make things too complicated. He's more of an intuitive and hands-on type of guy. A practical thinker and doer. No wonder 'just try' is his motto; this also applies to his choice of materials: he sees valuable raw materials and new designs in someone else's waste. As we like to do in Eindhoven, he transforms something existing into something new. And you can feel that regained energy in his video.

Ultimately, he genuinely wants to make people happy through his creations. His Share the Vibe video does just that. Making people happy is not only for the spectator's side but also central to his process as a maker. "I want to show how much fun I have working, creating. And in with what speed and energy." From his principle of 'just do it,' a unique working method is reinforced by factors such as materials and time pressure. He keeps the pressure high by using waste and residual materials. The fear of making mistakes no longer plays a part, according to Teun: "You can't make waste out of something that was already waste." 

Teun Zwets
You can't make waste out of something that was already waste

Each choice eventually grows into a final product. Sometimes productions are large for offices, private clients, and design labels, other times a bit smaller for his very own collection. Think of a chair made from leftover jeans or a cabinet made from pieces of plywood. 

The transformation of waste into a sleek piece of design may sound familiar to you: in Eindhoven, we are great at repurposing. Strijp is the ultimate example of this and where, according to Teun, the energy is the most tangible. "An extraordinary place growing incredibly fast and is only getting more beautiful." 


Videographer: Clara Gustafsson 

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes