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Share the Vibe: Tom Jacobs

The self-proclaimed pacesetter Tom Jacobs moves into the worlds of design, events, and their combination in Eindhoven. You may have seen the work of the Design Academy alumnus pass by during Dutch Design Week 2022. Or you may have set foot in THE POOL, the cultural clubhouse at Sectie-C, of which he is also a part. With his work and his Share the Vibe video, he draws attention to cultural Eindhoven. It's time to salute his waving flag.

What better way to draw attention than with a flag? According to Tom, it is the ultimate symbol for attention seekers. In this case, he flies it for the cultural side of Eindhoven, which he likes to promote with the aforementioned THE POOL, 212 x 575 collective, and as a member of the Night Collective (Nachtcollectief). It's his way of bringing the night into the light. "Preferably with a rough edge, where visitors can be themselves and explore," he says. 

Tom Jacobs
In Eindhoven, I feel a dark but positive vibe

His work is also a little on edge and may even confront you like a mirror. His sense of materials alone seems to do that; after all, Tom likes to work with trash from the streets.

That same rawness also suits the energy of Eindhoven. "In Eindhoven, I feel a dark but positive vibe," he says. According to Tom, the city owes its down-to-earthiness to its past as a working city. This, combined with the assertiveness of young people, creates a new vibe. "At first, I felt the vibe more at Strijp-S, but now it has shifted to places like Woensel-West, Sectie-C, and the Hurk. The rough edge comes through at places like these, and here you find young initiatives more often. A huge positive for the city" 

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes