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Nacho Carbonell x Adrian Zarzo

What happens when the worlds of design and gastronomy come together? In this episode of Hungry for Design: designer Nacho Carbonell & chef Adrian Zarzo.

About Nacho & Adrian

Nacho Carbonell
Nacho Carbonell is the grandmaster of chairs, lamps, and art that help you escape reality. He was born in Valencia, but since his studies at the Design Academy, he feels completely at home in Eindhoven. Nacho's surrealistic designs are sold worldwide, and are displayed in museums such as the 2121 Museum in Japan and MoMa San Francisco.

Adrian Zarzo
Also from sunny Valencia is Adrian Zarzo Habraken. He hardly needs an introduction; restaurant Zarzo is well-known far beyond Eindhoven. On his resume are many more prestigious restaurants, such as De Librije and Santi Santimaria. Not to mention a number of impressive titles, such as 'European Youth Champion Cooking' and 'Talented Sommelier'. To put the cherry on top, Adrian has had a well-deserved Michelin star since 2016. 

Nacho Carbonell
Adrian Zarzo

On the collaboration

Adrian and Nacho's dish is based on their similarities from childhood and life: Spanish traditions (the breaking of bread) and Dutch herring come together on the plate. The dish is like an experiment that has blossomed into a concept, which will likely appear on the Zarzo menu.

Dish Nacho Carbonell & VANTOT
About the host Mounir Toub
Mounir Toub learned the ropes of the trade from his mother and top chefs, including Robert Kranenborg. You may recognize his face from television: he was a chef on tv shows such as 24Kitchen, and Kook Mee met MAX. In addition, he is a teacher and hopes to inspire young talent.

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