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Mini guide: DDW on a budget

With a ticket of just 24,50 euro, you can visit Dutch Design Week every day (!) for lots of design fun. Maybe you have better ways to spend those 24,50 euros, or you might only have a few hours to spare for DDW this week. We will show you where you can get a DDW experience (almost) for free.

Ketelhuisplein | Strijp-S

Ketelhuisplein is always a great place to be, not in the least, because there are all kinds of pop-up bars and eateries. Grab a hot chocolate and wander around the lively square, there’s lots to discover. For example, like the ice rink. At It giet oan! (It's on! In Frisian) you can engage in a conversation about green energy and how it will change our behavior. For example, ice skating may be a summer hobby in 2030. Who would have thought? Are you more into artificial intelligence? Then have a look at Waag Futurelab and discover how intelligent AI really is. 

VEEM | Strijp-S

Fifty young designers introduce you to the world of Art, Tech, AI, Robots, and eGirls at Manifestations. Seasoned DDW visitors know: This expo is a must-see. Learn about the relationship between humans and technology and how it can make the world a more beautiful, kinder, and social place.

Kazerne | City center

For only five euros, you get access to all exhibitions in the Home of Design, better known as Kazerne. Discover various exhibitions that push the boundaries of textiles, or join Digital Wednesday on 25 October, where three top speakers will take you through the development of technology and its impact on the design profession (don't forget to register online). If you have lunch or dinner here, walking around the expos is free of charge. Make a reservation though, as Kazerne is very popular during DDW.


Kelderman en van Noort (KEVN) | Woensel-West

Are you between 6 and 100 years old, and are you into making beautiful things? Then visit Keigave Kleine Kunst Kamers at KEVN. In this architecture workshop, you will make your own space with different materials in the spirit of Rudi van de Wint's work. Your hard work will be rewarded: all the designs will be used as inspiration for a new artwork. So, roll up your sleeves and start building! 

Donna | Strijp-S

Gaming is more than just entertainment. At least, if you ask the game designers at Enversed. In the future, VR games may play an increasingly important role in our lives. And at GameChangers, you can experience that future right now. VR glasses on and go!

De Fabriek | Hallenweg

How many times a week do you find yourself at the gas station? With electrical driving on the rise, most gas stations will become obsolete. It would be a shame if these places didn’t get repurposed, as agreed by Blank Fish architects. In Gas to Green, they present gas stations as the new urban farms. Thus, you will soon be fueling another necessary fuel: greens.

Extra tip: single tickets and reduced rates

In addition to regular DDW tickets, single entry tickets are available for some locations. These are Kazerne (€ 5), Dutch Invertuals (€ 5), New Order of Fashion Lab (€ 2.50), and Philips Museum (€ 11). Living on a tight budget? Then you can apply for a DDW ticket for € 2.50 through Cultuur-Inclusief.