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Mini guide: DDW on a budget

With a ticket of just 21 euro, you can visit Dutch Design Week every day (!) for lots of design fun. Maybe you have better ways to spend those 21 euros, or you might only have a few hours to spare for DDW this week. We will show you where you can get a DDW experience (almost) for free.

Ketelhuisplein | Strijp-S

Ketelhuisplein is always a great place to be, not in the least because there are all kinds of pop-up bars and eateries. Grab a snack or a drink, and step through the Eindhoven Portal. This installation shows you the past through the eyes of today. Or walk around in Arne Hendriks' Japanese village, Hara Hachi Bu, and discover how 80% is often enough. Another tip: the Gentle Disco, dancing in the open air and contributing to local pigeon towers for Strijp-S at the same time.

Area 51 | Strijp-S

Guess who’s back after a big make-over? Skate and BMX park Area 51. Perhaps not the most obvious place to spot design, yet EMOVES presents a superb exhibition. Dive into the basement, where you will find raw, geometric works with a nod to graffiti by Antigoon and Ralph Roelse.

Kazerne | Centrum

For only five euros, you get access to all exhibitions in the Home of Design, better known as Kazerne. Discover how furniture can be both beautiful and social, or take a look at talented Design Academy alumni; winner Teun Zwets and eight nominees of the Kazerne Design Award 2021 exhibit their work at Kazerne. If you have lunch or dinner here, walking around the expos is free of charge. Make a reservation though, as Kazerne is very popular during DDW.


Kelderman en van Noort (KEVN) | Woensel-West

If you're visiting Strijp-S this week, then take a walk to KEVN, a meeting and gathering place for makers and creatives. Here, Mini Galerie presents three exhibitions: two solo shows, including those by Jeroen Erosie and Marijn Hos, and the group exhibition 'Paradisia,' which focuses on the world as an inexhaustible source of creativity. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the exterior of the building because the pavilion is a nominee for the prestigious Dirk Roosenburg Award.

Natlab | Strijp-S

Last, but certainly not least: Natlab, one of the hangouts of great minds such as Albert Einstein, is also free to visit this week. Have you always wanted to know how it feels to be an earthworm, bee, or fungus? During the Inhuman Carnival, you get a different perspective on our ecosystem by dressing up. Would you rather be a duck? The Becoming a Duck workshop will teach you all about the spontaneous behavior of this waddling creature.

Extra tip: single tickets

In addition to regular DDW tickets, single entry tickets are available for some locations. These are Kazerne (€ 5), Dutch Invertuals (€ 4), New Order of Fashion Lab (€ 2), and Philips Museum (€ 11).