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5x Experiences at the Eindhoven Maker Faire

Roll up your sleeves! On Saturday, 24, and Sunday, 25 September, Eindhoven will once again be the site of the Eindhoven Maker Faire. Leaning back is not an option: participate and make your own creations. Fun for young and old! We'll give you a sneak preview with five highlights you don't want to miss!

Washing machine racing

At the Maker Faire Eindhoven, you will be racing with ... washing machines! And no, it’s not a race to see who gets the cleanest laundry, but a neck and neck race to the finish line. How does it work? A team of builders mounts broom heads under old washing machines under the expert guidance of Jorg Duitsman & William van der Put. When you turn on the motor, the machine starts to move. And then it's simple: The first one across the finish line wins!

Brick Art Stories

Since 2019, artist Jordy Koevoets has been creating LEGO miniatures inspired by world-famous works of art. Under the name Brick Art Stories, Jordy tells remarkable stories about the art world and makes them accessible to the general public.

Wasmachineracen Maker Faire

Sound Garden

Marco and Martijn combine creative code with composing music in the experimental sound garden. Together they built an interactive, acoustic music machine to help you show off your musical skills. Whether you are a musical prodigy or not, everyone can make music in the sound garden

Creating virtual art together with the computer

Partner with the computer and create generative art. What's that? Generative art is an art form you create together with a self-thinking system. Industrial Designer Robbe Nagel's graduation project was an interactive, generative installation that allows you to create art with a controller. You will receive your artwork digitally, so you can show it off to all your friends. 


Imagine a car that dances, flies, and even flirts. Sounds impossible? Not if you ask Tristan Kruithof and his team. They build crazy, interactive old-timers like the AMI6. This Citroën is bursting with positivity and interacts with the public in a unique and surprising way. 

Curious about the rest of the program? Check the website of the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2022.

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