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5x Must-do’s at the Eindhoven Maker Faire

Roll up your sleeves! On Saturday, 23, and Sunday, 24 September, Eindhoven will once again be the site of the Eindhoven Maker Faire. Leaning back is not an option: participate and make your own creations. Fun for young and old! We'll give you a sneak preview with five highlights you don't want to miss!

Ferro Fortis Aquila

Remember to look up high because, who knows, Ferro Fortis Aquila might fly past you. This giant metal eagle has an almost five-meter wingspan and moves naturally through the air. Do you dare to get closer?

Nerdy Derby

At Nerdy Derby, things can't go fast enough. Design and build your own car and watch how fast it flies down the track. Race against other creators and fight for eternal fame. Of course, you take your own creation home to continue racing there.

Eindhoven Maker Faire


Have you always wanted to build your own time machine? Or would you instead make a spaceship? Use your imagination, because nothing is too crazy at FantaMagie. Here, you can build and create all kinds of things with materials that almost ended up in the waste bin. Now you see: with some creativity, old junk suddenly becomes very valuable. 

Abacus Theater

Puffing and gasping, they pass by: the steam engines of Abacus Theater. With their spectacular creations and technical imagination, they leave you in jaw-dropping amazement. An experience you don't want to miss!

Crazy Parade

From extraordinary creations that show the limits of technology to extravagant cosplayers with magical outfits. All the craziness comes together at the Crazy Parade. Don't be afraid to miss this spectacle because this epic parade drives through the center of Eindhoven on both Saturday and Sunday.

Curious about the rest of the program? Check the website of the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2023.

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There is plenty to do at this year's Eindhoven Maker Faire. Ready for a big dose of creative energy? Then score your ticket(s) via the link down below!

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