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5x Fall walks in Eindhoven

The occasional rays of sunshine, wild mushrooms, and of course, the colored leaves, reveal a new season: hello fall! From forest to heathland, check out our tips for a fall walk around Eindhoven.


An ideal spot for a walk during fall is Stadswandelpark. There are dozens of outdoor sculptures, the public Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory, and even a theatre called Park Theater. In addition, the surrounding greenery, including Dommelplantsoen, Lex en Edo Hornemannplantsoen, and Anne Frankplantsoen, offers plenty of opportunities for an extensive walk.

Philips de Jonghpark

When visiting Strijp-S, a walk in the Philips de Jonghpark is highly recommended. It’s the perfect park to enjoy a colorful play of leaves and to spot wild mushrooms. Bonus tip: you might even spot a player of PSV. The Eindhoven soccer team regularly trains at sports complex de Herdgang. Finish this walk in the woods with a visit to internationally renowned designer Piet Hein Eek at Strijp R.

Kanaalzone (Canal Zone)

Is the Canal Zone new to you? A walk around the grounds will change that. It's only a short walk from the station in the direction of the NRE site. You'll pass beautiful trees and Huize de Laak (the villa of Anton Philips). Make sure to stop at either Cyklist or Fifth NRE for a break. Continue your walk along the Eindhovens Kanaal, where you will encounter nature in a special manner: there's three islands floating in the canal. Discover even more of this unconventional district by visiting de Caai. 


Wandelpark Eckart

 If you'd like to go on a long hike, go to the Eckart walking park (Wandelpark Eckart). During this full hour of walking, you will spot de Lage Heide, de Dommel (river), and the estate near de Dommel. With a bit of luck, you can have an outside look at castle Eckartdal and its beautiful gardens.  


Leenderheide, also known as Stratumse Heide, is great for hiking year round. This former drifting sand area has been transformed over the years into heathland areas with all sorts of greenery. In addition, it is bursting with animals, including amphibians and Scottish Highlanders. Our tip: visit during the sunrise or sunset for an even better impression of this nature reserve.