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7x Heading into nature

If you live in Eindhoven, you must be a city person. Eindhoven is a buzzing place, bursting with energy! Food spots of every kind, interesting people, and new events every weekend. Still, sometimes you might think: give me the unspoiled outdoors! Fortunately, this list shows you where you can go in and around Eindhoven to satisfy your craving for nature. Relax, walk or find inspiration for your next Bob Ross painting. Have fun!

Stratumse Heide

If you live in Stratum, this is probably your regular (dog)walking spot. We get why. Throughout the area, rugged, long-haired Scottish Highlanders wander freely. And if you're into slightly less hairy animals, you can indulge yourself here too. Because of the varied soil, you will find frogs and other amphibians. The Stratumse Heide has a nice 'au natural' feeling because humans planted only part of the heathland. The rest was allowed to grow freely—something you don't often see on the outskirts of a city.

Karpendonkse Plas

You can find this large lake in the middle of the Tongelre district. Although the area of the Karpendonkse Plas is a park, the forests around Eindhoven were a big inspiration for its designer. A peaceful walk is (almost) out of the question, as there is plenty to explore. Watch the water birds on the lake or see how many species of trees you can recognize. Oak, poplar, alder, rough birch, and also coniferous trees. Can you spot the rhododendrons and juniper berries too?


Eckart Wandelpark

Stroll a little to the northeast from the Karpendonkse Plas, and you will arrive at this deciduous forest slash walking park. You'll find cows and wild birds, among other animals. If you arrive early in the morning, you might spot a few deer. 

De Klotputten

In the southwest of Eindhoven, the river Dommel flows into the city. At that exact point, you'll find the Klotputten nature reserve. Part of the ‘Natte Natuurparel Dommeldal’. Roughly translated: Wet Nature Pearl Dommeldal. Did you know that the 'Wet Nature Pearls' are some of the most valuable nature areas in Brabant? That is why De Klotputten received a significant upgrade last spring. The site is once again a great home to all the unique animal and plant species. 


De Meeuwven

Okay, Waalre is not Eindhoven. But hop on your bike for just a few miles for the natural beauty our southern neighbors have to offer. How about De Meeuwven, in the woods around Waalre? Sit by the water, take a long walk through the moors and woods, and settle down in the legendary café Hut van Mie Pils.

Strabrechtse Heide

In case you don't know, Eindhoven is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands. But at some point, you've discovered most parks and hiking trails. We understand. If the need is high and you want to get lost in Mother Nature, you can explore the Strabrechtse Heide. To the northeast of Geldrop lies approximately 3700 acres of extensive heathland. Beautiful during every season but especially during August, when the heath turns purple.  

De Aanschotse Beemden

If you're not from the area, then the Aanschotse Beemden is probably unknown territory. Not for long! This unique nature reserve runs along the river Groote Beek. Reed marsh, hay fields, meadows. This narrow strip of green has plenty to offer! Ready for some more action? On the route lies the estate called de Grote Beek. Walk across the greenery, dive into the flower garden or drop by Farmhouse de Haen. Great fun!