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5x Eindhoven parks

Whether you want to enjoy the sun or have a picnic with the kids, surrounded by the beautiful nature of these five parks in Eindhoven, you are assured of a successful day! 


Located just outside the city center of Eindhoven you’ll find the Stadswandelpark. A lovely place to spend an afternoon in. This park is extremely suitable for art lovers, nature and art are connected here with 30 beautiful sculptures. In addition, there is plenty to do, check out the Observatory from the outside, or visit the restaurant Thym by Parkzicht for lunch or dinner. Bonus tip: don't forget to visit the surrounding greenery like Dommelplantsoen.

Henri Dunant Park

Looking for an outdoor spot to relax? In the north of Eindhoven, you will find the Henri Dunantpark. A place where not only children can have fun, it’s also a nice hangout spot for adults. The spacious lawns of grass offer plenty of options, space to picnic, play, and as a bonus, there’s a fishing pond to enjoy.


Genneper Parken

In the extension of the Stadswandelpark lies the nature reserve called the Genneper Parken. Let yourself be guided through the various hiking trails that lead to the Dommel and the Tongelreep, and discover nature at its best. End your walk with a visit to Genneper Hoeve farm for organic products or walk through Heempark Brother Simon Deltour. 

Philips Fruittuin

The Philips Fruittuin is an orchard laid out by Philips, near the Philips de Jonghpark. Located on the Green Corridor, this is the perfect place to cycle through or take a walk. Next to the orchard, you'll also find a shop full of local products. Definitely a must-visit!

Philips de Jongh Wandelpark

This park used to be the private property of the Philips family, named after Anton's wife, Anna Philips de Jongh. Now the Philips de Jongh Wandelpark is accessible to everyone. Walk along the paths and see the beautiful rays of sunlight peak through the leaves of the monumental trees. 

Fun fact: Ok, you will have to wait a while, but this news is too fantastic not to mention. The greenery of Landgoed de Wielewaal, the place that Frits Philips called home for decades, will become a public domain for all Eindhoven citizens. 

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