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7x Hobby & Art Shops

Looking for a creative activity to alternate between walking and watching series? Try painting or the art of mosaics. You can find everything for your new hobby and more at the following hobby & art stores in Eindhoven.


A must-visit for creatives is Pipoos. The store located in the Piazza has almost everything you need for creative hobbies such as macramé, crochet, knitting, and making jewelry.

Van Beek Art Supplies

From artists' supplies to graphic items, Van Beek Art Supplies has it all. Expand your collection of markers or get inspired for a new hobby. Is your work of art finished? They will be happy to help you select the perfect frame.

‘t Smitje

It is impossible to imagine Eindhoven without 't Smitje. For about 100 years, people know their way to the store for fabrics, yarn, buttons, and, of course, for a chat. In short: everything for both the professional and the hobbyist. The store has a webshop but feel free to call for anything you need.

Van Beek


Normally, Civo gets frequently visited by Design Academy Eindhoven students and other creative fanatics. Fortunately, no one has to miss them since they have a webshop. With over 40,000(!) items like easels, stationery, and other creative materials, there's bound to be something for you.


Carreau is the French translation for tile, and it fits perfectly with the services of this business. It is a store, atelier, and workshop in one and specializes in mosaic. Want to get started at home? They will help you with the materials, tools and will give you advice.


Bloemendalwol has managed to secure a spot at the bustling Sectie-C. They have knitting and crochet yarns of all sorts (from wool to bamboo), colors, and sizes. Want to learn more from a professional? In addition to online patterns, they offer workshops and have a weekly Knit & Crochet Club.

Analog Space

At the bottom of the Trudo Tower, you'll find the best place for advice, products, or developing analog photography: Analog Space. The shop window alone is a feast for the photography enthusiast. Here you can easily score a vintage camera and matching rolls and get immediate help and advice. A nice bonus: you step out of the store and find yourself at one of the most photogenic spots in town. Grab your chance!