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THE VIBE of Maud Bongers

You might know Maud Bongers from the most diverse cultural projects in the city. The list is endless, from So What's Next, Windows to the World, Dutch Design Week, to Eindhoven Maker Faire. It started with an internship at the renowned Van Abbemuseum and grew into a finger in almost every pie regarding Eindhoven's most significant events. She does this together with Jasper van Es as creative agency PAPERJAM. Ready for lots and lots of energy? Well, Maud shares hers in abundance. To experience it, visit the above events or dive into the article below. Up to you! 

What gives you energy?

'Lots of different things! There is always something fun to do or discover in Eindhoven. Many great things have been organized lately, whether it's an unexpected party at Vintage VĂȘtements, a drink at Kelderman en van Noort or the opening of Around Coffee. What I like best are the hot summer days that start with a beer and end up at one of my favorite places. Also high on the list: Eindhoven's beautiful parks. When the sun's out, I always try to take a stroll through the Genneper Parks. Of course,  while listening to a podcast. 

Maud Bongers
Mensen gunnen het elkaar hier echt, dat zie je niet overal in Nederland

When it comes to business, I get a lot of energy from making and organizing beautiful things. Together with Jasper van Es, I set up PAPERJAM (creative agency, ed.) a few years ago, so we get involved in many beautiful cultural and creative festivals and projects. We often get a lot of space and trust from clients to do cool things. I can enjoy making a podcast about the power of design just as much as managing a jazz festival with great international acts. 

I think Eindhoven is unique because the lines are short. Also, all the (cultural) organizations help each other. If a mixing console is suddenly missing at the last minute, it can be arranged with a few phone calls. People give each other a break here; you don't see that everywhere in the Netherlands. People pull each other down in other cities, while Eindhoven's creative sector seems to strengthen each other. I also really enjoy seeing how innovative this city can be. For example, even when nothing was allowed during the pandemic, The Ambulance Service managed to host a playful fast-food drive-in show. Initiatives like that make the city a lot more fun!'

Van Abbemuseum

How do you share THE VIBE?* 

'As PAPERJAM, we naturally try contributing to what makes Eindhoven a bit more fun and beautiful. For example, by hosting exhibitions or concerts downtown. These events are often accessible free of charge and targeted at all of Eindhoven instead of the 'standard' museum or concert-goer. This way, we bring all kinds of art forms to the city in a very accessible way. There always seems to be room to collaborate with creatives who come up with the craziest ideas. We will take these ideas, figure out how to realize them and connect them to the existing program.'

*THE VIBE can stand for both the clothing brand and the city's energy. 

THE VIBE of Maud
THE VIBE of Maud

What is your favorite place in Eindhoven?

'That's a tricky question because I have a few in every category! In terms of art, little in Eindhoven can match the Van Abbemuseum, although MU comes pretty close. The Van Abbemuseum is actually where it all began for me: this is where I did my internship and where we founded the Young Art Crowd. At the time, we enjoyed organizing events such as student portfolio nights, exciting lectures, and the Young Art Night parties. I have some great memories in every museum room. 

I also enjoy visiting the Little One, Residency for the People, De Bommel, De Rozenknop, Fifth NRE, ZwartWit coffee, and shopping at the fantastic Deense Kroon on Willemstraat. It is tough to walk out of here empty-handed. The great thing about Eindhoven is that something new is always opening, but you still keep running into familiar faces.'

What's your favorite item in your closet?

'I have quite a few (Scandinavian) gems in my closet from Deense Kroon. They have the most beautiful brands, such as Moss Copenhagen, Selected Femme, and Modström, that I love to wear. Only quality items! And they offer excellent service, they always help you when looking for something specific.'

Maud Bongers
Het fijne van Eindhoven is dat er altijd wel weer iets nieuws opent, maar dat je toch bekende gezichten blijft tegenkomen

The best place to experience the Eindhoven energy?

'A place and time in one: Dutch Design Week (DDW). If there's one week in the year when everything comes together, it's DDW in October. No shortage of superb design, inspiration, and special projects, and certainly no lack of parties, openings, and drinks all around the city. It's a kind of carnival for creatives.'

Question by Jeroen*: Describe Eindhoven in three words

'Creative, collaborative and above all: nice!'

*Each person interviewed prior asks a question to the next person interviewed.

THE VIBE van Maud
THE VIBE van Maud


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