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Eindhoven from A to Z: GLOW

Okay, we've got a bit of an obsession with light here in Eindhoven. You probably knew that the Philips light bulb was born in a small factory on the Emmasingel, but does that really explain why we're known as the City of Light? Not exactly, there's a different tale to tell. Back when dinosaurs roamed... well, okay, not that far back, but in the 19th century, it was all about the local match industry that made us earn that title. And when the Allies rolled into town in '44, we welcomed them with candles in our windows. We still commemorate this with the Lichtjesroute in September. So yeah, we sure do love our light in Eindhoven. We even dedicate a whole festival to it! And in that light, G can only stand for one thing: light art festival GLOW.

While our love for light dates back centuries, GLOW is a relatively recent addition to the city's cultural landscape. This prestigious, light art festival, now the largest and oldest in the Netherlands, commenced nearly two decades ago. Over time, its popularity has soared, drawing approximately 750,000 visitors annually, firmly establishing it as a pivotal event as the days grow shorter. During the second week of November, GLOW transforms Eindhoven into a dazzling spectacle on the streets and in the sky above. It is a playground for local and international artists, techies, and storytellers to showcase their talents through innovative installations and performances. Whether it's a trippy transformation of the Paterskerk church or an enigmatic blue luminescence that illuminates Eindhoven and beyond, GLOW consistently captivates with its diverse and stunning displays.


GLOW isn't just for the grown-ups – it's a place where young creators get their chance to shine, too. We're talking about college students and even kids from elementary school who can showcase their creativity. So, whether you're young, old, or somewhere in between, GLOW's got something for you. Over the course of nine evenings, you can stroll around, checking out all the incredible light art. It usually takes about 5 km to cover the whole route. Do you want to know what's up this year? Just hit up GLOW Eindhoven to find out the theme and route.


GLOW welcomes visitors free of charge – no tickets needed! And as you wander along the route, keep an eye out for the GLOW hosts. These cozy spots got you covered if you need a quick snack or a drink to warm up. The light art festival is constantly evolving. It started out downtown and by the river Dommel, but now it's spread out to places like Strijp-S, the TU/e area, the Caai, and even the High Tech Campus. And guess what? Other nearby towns join in the fun, too, every November. Eindhoven's becoming a real beacon of light, shining brighter and reaching farther every single year!

Eindhoven from A to Z

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