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Eindhoven from A to Z: International

Eindhoven has a rich history of embracing newcomers. From the days of Philips, when workers flocked to the City of Light for employment in the light bulb factory, to today, where new residents arrive not only from other parts of the country but from all across the globe. That's why the I in our Eindhoven alphabet represents the international essence of our city.

To call Eindhoven a cosmopolitan metropolis, would be a bit of a reach. Despite having 189 nationalities, Eindhoven still retains its village-like charm. You can cycle everywhere, make new connections easily, and with all that greenery on the outskirts of the city, a peaceful spot is never far away. But over the past few years, Eindhoven has undeniably become more international. It’s easy to spot by the eateries and supermarkets around town. Ten years ago, finding a South Indian dosa was like searching for a needle in a haystack, but now you can easily grab one for lunch (here are some tips for Indian restaurants). Japanese, Spanish, Mexican, and Turkish influences (to name a few) have enriched Eindhoven's culinary scene.

Now, internationalization is, of course, more than just tasty poke bowls and palak paneer. It also means getting used to each other, learning from one another, and sometimes conversing in a language that isn't your own. Eindhoven now has a wide range of language schools to learn Dutch and helps new residents get started with the Homewards onboarding program. Do you speak Dutch and find conversations in English challenging? Many internationals actually prefer it when you speak Dutch with them. Or throw in some Dunglish. A bit of English, a bit of Dutch. Making the connection is more important than using the present tense correctly. And for everyone already trying, we're genuinely monkey proud of you!

Eindhoven from A to Z

Curious about what defines Eindhoven? We asked newcomers, enthusiastic visitors, and locals alike. The outcome? The ultimate Eindhoven alphabet – from Area 51 to the Z of 'Zachte G'. No idea what that means? We'll tell you all about it! 

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