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Eindhoven from A to Z: Open to discover

Eindhoven locals are curious creatures. We experiment from an early age, which is good because a good dose of curiosity comes in handy later in this innovative city. But where does this spirit of discovery come into its own? We tell you all about the Eindhoven O of Open to Discover. 

And yes, we’re cheating a little for the sake of the alphabet. The Dutch word for ‘to discover’ is ‘ontdekken’. So we had to squeeze in that O in somewhere. Anyway, free language lesson for you!

There is much to discover for young and old in Eindhoven, but where should one start? Look no further because the following places and events are for natural explorers. 

Young doers can't believe their luck at De Ontdekfabriek at Strijp-S. The name says it all: here, there is plenty to discover. Children play, learn, make, and experience exciting adventures together. For example, they investigate how devices work by taking them apart in the scraphoek, discovering their inner inventor, and building a complicated water supply system in the summer. Cool!

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For young wizzkids and techies, there are Tech Playgrounds at Dynamo. Here, you can discover and create in different workshops and activities. Learn to program with micro:bits, work with robotics, or build just about anything you can imagine in the workshop. Participation fees start at 1 euro, so what's stopping you?

Finally, the most significant event for young explorers: Eindhoven Maker Faire. Throughout the city center, young tech enthusiasts can join workshops and activities. Here, they meet makers, get inspired, and get to create things themselves. You won't find a better start to a career as a creative inventor!