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Eindhoven from A to Z: Stadswandelpark

Eindhoven is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands for a reason. Yes, for real! We did some math, and the counter stands at 85 parks, some of which are due to Philips. Think of the Philips de Jongh Park and Philips van Lenneppark. Just another green gem on the edge of the city is the Stadswandelpark.

From the Van Abbemuseum you can walk towards Stadswandelpark in less than 15 minutes via Anne Frankplantsoen and Dommelplantsoen. Helpful mnemonic device: just follow the Dommel. Once in the Stadswandelpark, you are overwhelmed by an oasis of greenery, tranquility and leisure activities. This is a public park with plenty of undiscovered and untold stories. Until now! Because, conceptually we'll walk through the park together, from history to vibrant events to visit. 


One important moment in history is the purchase of part of the park by the Eindhovensch Mannenkoor. Around 1900 they renovate the coach house - the Stadspaviljoen - and constructed a music kiosk across the street, something we now know as the Wim van Doorne Music Kiosk. Only from 1921 did the park become public for everyone, and in 1931 it was named Stadswandelpark. But, still we find footprints of Philips in the park. What to think of the Radio Monument and the Observatory. Stroll along the pond, through the greenery, see the sculpture garden filled with 30 works of art and discover the stories of the past.

Put on your hiking boots!

Be it on a summer afternoon or a winter day, this park seems to amaze you every time. With its beautiful nature, open lawns and water features, it is an ideal place for a picnic or outdoor sports. We can definitely recommend an after-dinner walk! Rather visit an event? Throughout the year all sorts of events are organized, such as Blend wine festival, the Rock 'n Roll meeting or the flea market during King's Day. You can find some peace and quiet between all the events on the edge of the park on the sunny terrace of restaurant Thym by Parkzicht or pop a bottle of wine yourself in the park. Always good!

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