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10x Must-sees at Dutch Design Week

Hey design lover! A visit to Dutch Design Week is probably high on your agenda. Is this your first time? Then be sure to check out this handy guide. Have you been to DDW before? Then you know like no other: even with nine days, you are running out of time. But no stress. These must-sees will give you the absolute highlights of the festival. 

Graduation Show @Heuvel Galerie

If you are short on time, read no further. Go straight to the Graduation Show. This whole expo is one big must-see because this is where the new batch of leading designers from Design Academy Eindhoven present their work. We would love to tell you all about this big DDW tip.

The space between us @Van Abbemuseum

Last year, the Van Abbemuseum debuted with a design collection curated under the watchful eye of Lidewij Edelkoort. The Van Abbemuseum continues on this path in the exhibition 'The space between us.' Art and design are exhibited in an unusual way: an interactive museum visit where you don't just look; you mostly do! Challenge yourself to a table soccer game or settle down (without risk) on a design bench. The space between us makes you think about questions such as: Who or what determines the function of a building? Who or what determines the function of an object? Is a chair still a chair if it is on display in a museum and you are not allowed to sit on it? And what role does the museum itself play in this?

Graduation Show
Graduation Show

Terra Firma @Microlab Hall

When you fill your plate at the table during dinner, the impact of your meal is probably not the first thing you think about. But how could our dining environment contribute to conscious food consumption while creating a memorable dining experience? Heiter X presents a solution with their edible landscape called Terra Firma. Enjoy!

Class of 23 @Klokgebouw

In 'Class of,' various academies present the work of a fresh batch of designers. What to expect? A large dose of innovation and young designers eager to tell you all about their work. Each academy will also choose one piece that best fits the Zeitgeist. These projects form the 'Avenue of Fresh Perspectives.' 

Spacefarming @Evoluon

2050 may seem far away, but we are steadily approaching 10 billion people. Now the question arises: how will we feed all those mouths? Fortunately, many bright minds are working on this challenge and already have many ideas. How about potatoes from space or milk from a robotic cow? What exactly will the food industry look like? That remains guesswork, but in Spacefarming, they give you an idea. Entirely in theme: CircleFarm, also on display in the Evoluon. 


(A)I Designed a Chair @Design Perron

Is AI coming to steal your job? This question keeps the creative industry busy. Instead of anxiously waiting, JUUL took matters into his own hands and formed a team with AI. (A)I Designed a Chair presents a cool, somewhat unconventional U chair and shares the collaboration between the designer and AI duo. 

Art Tech Fun AI Robots eGirls Manifestations @VEEM

You can expect a lot from Art Tech Fun AI Robots eGirls Manifestations: during Dutch Design Week 2023, 50 artists of the future showcase their tantalizing projects about humans, tech, safety and connection with the overarching theme: vision. 


It giet oan @Ketelhuisplein

What would our lives look like if we used (green) energy when it's available? Will we ice skate in the summer? It might be the solution. During It giet oan you can hop on the ice rink on the Ketelhuisplein, to get used to the idea. 

The table: sketching/making/together @TU/e (Atlas)

During DDW, you will feast your eyes, but there are also plenty of things to do. From Monday to Friday, you can join the daily workshop 'The table: sketching/making/together' at the TU/e grounds, where you get to work with sketching in the broadest sense of the word. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Objects for Wellbeing @NUL ZES

Design can make a person feel better, as evidenced by the series of interior objects designed by Alissa + Nienke. They invite you to interact with Touch Me Please, Metamorphosis, and Breathing Lights in their studio. Unwind by breathing to the rhythm of light or calm down, thanks to a combination of tactile textiles and relaxing sounds.