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11x Must-sees at DDW

Hey design lover! A visit to Dutch Design Week is probably high on your agenda. Is this your first time? Then be sure to check out this handy guide. Have you been to DDW before? Then you know like no other: even with nine days, you are running out of time. But no stress. These must-sees will give you eleven absolute highlights of the festival. So get set ... and go!

The collection is... The Edelkoort Collection @Van Abbemuseum

How close are art and design really? Lidewij Edelkoort and the Van Abbemuseum ask you this question with The Collection is.... The Edelkoort Collection consists of unique pieces by autonomous designers, focusing on alumni and (former) teachers of Design Academy Eindhoven. Want to learn more about art and design? This docu is a must-see too.

Solar Pavilion @Ketelhuisplein

The heart of the festival this year is the Solar Pavilion at Strijp-S. This circular meeting place looks pretty fancy if you ask us, and generates a lot of energy and heat. This is due to the ingenious roof of curved and colored solar panels with translucent prints. This is what the future of solar energy looks like!

The Collection is
The Collection is

Rotor Home @Ketelhuisplein

While you are at the Ketelhuisplein, make sure to visit Rotor Home. A tiny house, as you often see, but this one is slightly different. The facades can be turned outwards. This way, you can transform your cooking area into an outdoor kitchen in no time. Or your bathroom into an outdoor spa. Nice!

Clean Climber @Piet Hein Eek

As a climber, you're often close to nature. But the climbing shoes that need to be replaced every few months make this fun activity less sustainable. That's why bouldering company Monk and the smart people at The Bin are joining forces. Together they are presenting a new system of repairing and recycling climbing shoes.


Eindhoven grows and reaches for the sky. This also affects the ground beneath our feet. Energy transition and climate adaptation, our drinking water supply, and sustainable mobility claim space in an (over) congested soil. This beautifully designed exhibition at Strijp-S shows that this underground bustle is one of the main challenges for the city.

Factory of Inefficiency @Graduation Show

The Graduation Show introduces you to the latest crop of designers every year. For his graduation project, Juno Brown recreated a tiny,but fully functioning,match factory. The small installation is a playful reference to Eindhoven's past as a match manufacturer. And an ode to the not-so-efficient work processes of yesteryear. Does our eternal urge to work more efficiently perhaps mean that much beauty is lost?

The Design Shop @Envisions

A recurring hit during DDW is this pop-up shop. As always, this is the place to pick up beautiful products by young, innovative designers. This time the shop is located on the grounds of design collective Envisions, near the railway station.

Dutch Design Week

Social Design Scheurkalender @Kade Clubhuis

Are you into social design? Then take a turn along the canal towards the creative workshop of Kade Clubhuis. Here you will meet the makers of the Social Design Scheurkalender. A project with examples of 46 social design agencies from the Netherlands. Get your own copy of the calendar or have a friendly chat with these very social designers.

Nano Supermarket @Evoluon

Any idea what will be on the shelves ten years from now? This mobile supermarket gives you a glimpse of the future. And an experience of the impact of nanotechnology on our daily lives. The Nano Supermarket is located outside the Evoluon and is free to visit. Do you have a DDW ticket? Then you can see the new RetroFuture exhibition at the Evoluon this week at a discount. Also highly recommended!

Fabulous Fungi @Evoluon

We see fungi coming back more and more often at DDW. For example, as a sustainable alternative to textile paint. Fabulous Fungi breeds different types of fungi to create different colors. The pigments are extracted and used to dye fabrics when the fungi are fully grown. This saves a lot of water consumption and pollution. The way we like it!

On being human @Sectie-C, hal 6

Empathy and solidarity can be sparked by design. And according to Studio Anne Ligtenberg, we could all use more of this. For a more beautiful life, tackle big problems and better understand what is happening around us. Come see it at Sectie-C. Three projects that make you feel more human while also touching on three complex topics; the art of collaboration, elderly care, and disabled care.