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Ice ice baby: 7x Ice cream parlors

IJstruck La Toscana op het 18 Septemberplein

What's more refreshing than ice cream on a hot summer day? From Italian classics to innovative flavors, there's an ice-cold treat for everyone at these ice cream parlors. So, what are you waiting for? Drop by these seven cool spots (plus a bonus tip), and (re)discover your favorite!

Zinin IJs & Chocolade

Does the heat strike you when you are out and about in WoensXL shopping center? You're probably in the mood for an ice cream from Zinin! Fact: they make their ice cream according to authentic recipes. Tastes great! The name of this ice cream parlor says it all; it's not all about ice cream. Besides refreshing treats, they specialize in chocolate, from chocolates, and waffles, to divine milkshakes. 

Intelligentia Taste Rooms

Yes, it's possible to taste innovation! A must-visit when it comes to ice cream is Intelligentia Taste Rooms. Besides being awarded the best ice cream parlor, this colorful spot is the official winner of the 'golden ice creation' 2020. At the Ketelhuisplein, you can enjoy ice cream with unusual culinary flavors such as Cuban Cigar or candy cane. Preferably served in a black cone made with coconut fiber carbon. Some excellent news for sorbet lovers: besides being made of 50% fruit, the sorbet ice cream is vegan!

IJssalon Kees

IJssalon Kees has mastered creating spectacular ice cream since 1950. They once again got nominated for best ice cream parlor of the year! Yes, they are that good. Every local knows their way to the ice cream counter at one of the coolest places in the city; Down Town Gourmet Market. End your evening with a Kees special, or order your sweet treat (including a disco dip cone) from the takeaway window. What's not to love?

Intelligentia Tase Rooms
Intelligentia Tase Rooms terras


Everything at DutchHomemade is made on Dutch grounds. Besides ice cream, the homemade macarons are quite famous: crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside! Our tip: get yourself a little macaron if you order ice cream in a cup. Best of both worlds!


The ice cream season has begun, also for Firenze. The ice cream parlor at Strijpsestraat has been a household name since 1934. So, hurry up and visit them for a good old-fashioned ice cream. It doesn't get any more authentic than this!


Are the temperatures too hot to handle? Cool down at Poppy's ice cream shop in Woensel-West. Try their mouth-watering flavors, such as 'passion fruit sorbet' and 'cookie crunch sundae.' Feeling funky? Create your own sundae! For the sweet tooth, they also have waffles and candy on the menu.


You don't have to go far for amazing ice cream. Are you in the city center and craving ice cream? Then Bastani is the answer. It's definitely the spot for classics, but fancy something new? Then you have to try the ice cream macaron.

Secret tip

Oops! Now it's not a secret anymore. Sometimes, a refreshing scoop of ice cream just comes your way. Besides the fact that there is an ice cream truck from La Toscana at the Genneper Watermill and 18 Septemberplein regularly, there is also an ice cream truck driving through the green parks of Eindhoven during the summer months. You can hear it approaching from far by the cheerful tune!