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5x Father's Day in Eindhoven

Aaah, Father's Day. The perfect day to spend some quality time with your father. Let's forget about paper ties and picture frames bedazzled with macaroni, and try something new. And as we all know: nothing beats some one on one time. Check out our five tips for a memorable Father's Day in Eindhoven.

Personalized attention is the perfect gift

Flowers, chocolates, fragrances. All the classics you probably have given to your mom before. The dads get somewhat left behind; that's how we view it, at least. But why? Although a gift is not a requirement, it is a pleasant surprise. Fortunately, good intentions and some personal attention go a long way. Drop by Walther, WAAR, or Mensroom, and you are guaranteed a special gift. 

Make new memories with virtual reality

Tickling, romping, making you pee your pants (do we all have the same dad?). All fun memories you'll never forget. And neither will your dad. The fun part is that you can create more moments like this. With an interactive activity, you'll take Father's Day to the next level because VR gaming is hot! So we pleasantly refer you to this list of VR centers in Eindhoven.

From stick figure to Starry Night

With a bit of luck, your father admired your artworks as if you were Van Gogh himself (after which they ended up in the wastepaper basket not long after). Leave the work to the real masters and admire them with a visit to one of the museums & art spaces. Would you rather see a genuine version of Starry Night? The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde bicycle path is magically beautiful at night.

Bottle Distillery
Bottle Distillery

Surprise your father with a unique dining experience

Your dad probably used the be known as the family's bin by eating all left-overs. Couldn't finish your dinner, birthday cake or ice cream? It always managed to find its way to your dad. Or the other way around. So eating together is always an excellent way to celebrate Father's Day. You'll surprise him with a table at one of these best-kept secrets in the restaurant scene.

A toast to all fathers

How about a beer? In Eindhoven, we love beer, and you won't hear most fathers (and us) complaining about that. Therefore, there are plenty of beer spots and breweries! You can make it as small or as big as you want. For example, a locally brewed beer gift basket will trick. Like to go all out? Make the day extra memorable with a tasting. Click here for more gifts to drink to.