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10x Eindhoven on a budget

The best things in life are free. Well, if you believe Coco Chanel. She did add: "And the second-best things are very, very expensive." Anyway, the message is clear. Discover the crème de la crème of budget-friendly activities in this list.

Bargain festivals

Would you rather party than watch a movie? Eindhoven hosts a variety of free festivals every year. Like Dutch Chili Fest, where daredevils treat their taste buds and ears to muy picante dishes and matching music. Or Vanstreek Festival, fun for both adults and kids. Enjoy fine music and lots of tasty goods at Effenaar 't Wasven.

Pssst... An extra tip. You’ll find an up-to-date list of all upcoming festivals and other events here. We mention the ticket prices, so you can see if they fit your budget.

Van Streek Festival 2022

Galleries that won’t break the bank

Eindhoven and design are thick as thieves. Maybe you wouldn’t expect it, but the city is overflowing with great art, too. As an art lover, you can discover gems in various places in the city. Even if you don't feel like taking out your wallet. On Wednesdays, there’s no entrance fee for MU Hybrid Art House. The exhibitions in the former Philips factory at Strijp-S revolve around art in the broadest sense of the word.

In the Van Abbemuseum you also don’t have to spend a dime to see the finest art. Well, if you happen to be free on a Tuesday afternoon between 3 and 5 pm, that is.

And the doors of KEVN in the Woensel-West district are always open to art aficionados with a flat wallet. The monumental school building is an exhibition space, restaurant, and creative incubator all in one.

Don't forget to get inspired by Piet Hein Eek. Piet Hein Eek has his workshop, store, restaurant, exhibition space, and event location in the former Philips ceramic workshop. Want to eat out on a budget? Friet van Piet is the place to be.

Take the scenic route

Walking and cycling, dull? Pfft, no way. Even less so with the many beautiful walking and cycling routes that Eindhoven has to offer. For example, explore Eindhoven’s nature with these four walking routes. Throw on your best windbreaker and enjoy! Is technical clothing not your thing, and would you rather stay downtown? Then check out these 10 design objects in the public space

If you're an architecture geek, we have a special gift for you: this mapped-out route along architectural highlights. Including your very own digital city guide. You're welcome.

If you'd rather hop on your trusty bike, you can make do with these five cycling routes in and around Eindhoven.

Piet Hein Eek

Cozy lights and liberation

Yes, summer has its charm. Long sunny days, countless festivals, strolling outside without a coat... We get it. But not to worry, fall in Eindhoven has more than enough to offer! From September 18 to mid-October, you can walk (or cycle) the cozy Lichtjesroute. The Lichtjesroute is 13 miles long and runs through the center of Eindhoven, and the districts Stratum, Strijp, and Woensel. All those cozy lights along the way are sure to give you that ultimate fall feeling. Some background info: The route is organized by volunteers as a tribute to the liberation by the Allied troops on September 18, 1944.

Between art and Peter Pan Speedrock

Eindhoven is actually an open-air museum. If you look closely, you will see hidden galleries everywhere. The city has embraced street art like no other. From a more than 700 feet long mural created by 30 international artists to a life-sized graffiti version of Peter Pan Speedrock. Here you’ll find a handy list of our best street art tips.

Eindhovens GLOW-up

Every year in November, Eindhoven has a real-life glow-up. The whole city changes before your eyes during GLOW. GLOW is a free-to-visit light art festival. With buildings, parks, roofs, and streets as their canvas, about 35 artists paint with light. Also, there are all kinds of events around the festival. GLOW ensures there is something to see and experience throughout the whole city.

Philip de Jonghpark

Budget bites

Great food doesn't have to cost a lot. These seven Eindhoven foodie hotspots prove that point. A few additions to the list are Calypso and Down Town Gourmet Market. Calypso offers you the best vegan burgers, meat-free croquettes, and other drool-worthy plant-based dishes. At bargain prices, too. And at Down Town Gourmet Market you can make your dining experience as expensive (or as affordable) as you like. Whatever you’re into, Down Town delivers. You can choose from the menus of many different affiliated restaurants, right from the comfort of your own (restaurant) chair.

Love (and parks) don’t cost a thing

Grab your favorite picnic blanket and settle down in one of these thirteen (!) parks. Bring a freshly baked baguette, something to drink, and good company, and your low-budget afternoon is complete. You just need the weather on your side. But you can always bring a thermos of hot chocolate or go for a brisk walk.

Nine days of Dutch design 

Say Eindhoven, and you say design. As a true design city, it makes sense that Eindhoven hosts the largest design event in Northern Europe. During the Dutch Design Week in October, the city is taken over by – you guessed it – design! For nine days, people from all over the world come to admire the work of the most talented, inspiring designers. More than 2,600 designers present their work and concepts during DDW. You can wander around and let yourself be surprised, or follow one of the mapped-out routes. That way you’re sure to miss nothing. Some DDW locations are free of charge, but an all-week-pass won’t break the bank either. For about 25 euros, you get nine days of access to all the DDW hotspots. 

The FeelGood Market has something for everyone

Okay, a market is by definition a place where you go shopping. But you don't have to! The FeelGood Market by the Ketelhuisplein is also a meeting place, where you can sit down and relax, lazily stroll along stalls and really take in the Strijp-S vibe. Often, you’ll find live music or theater going on. And if you’re tempted to buy something after all, you know at the FeelGood Market it’s going to be a sustainable, handmade, and local product. And that's worth something too.

We wish you a budget-friendly awesome time in Eindhoven!