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7x Adventures with grandma & grandma in Eindhoven

So, imagine you have an incredibly cool grandma and/or grandpa whom you want to take on an adventure in Eindhoven. Or maybe you're the incredibly cool grandparent seeking inspiration for a day out with your grandkids. Heck, even if you don't have any grandkids or grandparents and just want to have some fun, this list has got something for everyone!

Art-spotting, star-gazing, and bird-watching

Stadswandelpark in the Stratum city district is stunning, with its beautiful water features and lush greenery. But what makes it extra special is the abundance of art throughout the park. The highlight is the Semper Tangens radio monument, also known as the "calling nymph," paying homage to the first wireless radio connection with the former Dutch East Indies on March 11, 1927. You'll also find the Sterrenwacht (Observatory) in the park, which is often open to the public. From spring to autumn, you can enjoy the vibrant and colorful birds in the aviary. When you've had your fill, relax on the outdoor patio of Stadspaviljoen or grab a bite at Thym Restaurant on the other side of the park.

Travel back in time at a museum

In Eindhoven, you'll find several museums that will transport you back in time. Take a trip to Philips Museum, PSV Museum, or DAF Museum. And don't forget about RetroFuture at the Evoluon: a mind-blowing exhibition that showcases how people in the past imagined the future. A museum visit is the perfect opportunity to ask your grandparents about their lives in the good old days. Oh, and we can't talk about time travel without mentioning the PreHistorisch Dorp (Prehistoric Village), although it's highly unlikely your grandparent was around back then. But hey, it's still loads of fun!

PreHistorisch Dorp

Escape from an escaperoom

The novelty of escape rooms may have worn off a bit, but they are perfect for the so-called late majority, which often includes grandparents. If you have no idea what we're talking about, then you're probably part of that group, which makes this an even more exciting outing for you! Try to escape from the Disco Inferno escape room at Strijp-S. Dance to the tunes that rocked the young years of many grandparents while cracking puzzles. Or delve into the antique and curiosity collection of Professor X at Xitroom. It's just as thrilling and nostalgic.

Discover farm life in the heart of the city

If you follow our earlier advice and visit the PreHistorisch Dorp, make sure to also drop by Genneper Hoeve, the urban farm in Eindhoven. This cozy farm is located in the Genneper Parken, easily accessible by bike or bus. With cows, pigs, chickens, and geese, animal lovers will be in heaven here. And if your love for animals extends to your taste buds, the farm shop offers meat, cheese, eggs, fresh milk (almost straight from the cow), and other delicious products. Finish your outing with a leisurely stroll through the surrounding park, and you've got the perfect day out. An esqually fun spot on the other side of town is Wasvenboerderij

Genneper Hoeve - Sabine Grootendorst

A day or night at the theater

People who still have grandparents don't often find themselves at the theater, which is a real shame because Parktheater offers a diverse program for people of all ages. Whether in the main theater or their Pand P branch on Leenderweg, there's bound to be something for both you and your grandma or grandpa. No wonder Parktheater was named Theater of the Year 2023. From stage performances and comedy shows to urban dance events and debates, you'll surely find something that appeals to both generations.

Onvergetelijk Van Abbe

For grandparents with Alzheimer's, Van Abbemuseum has a special program. Viewing art stimulates the brain, triggers memories, and creates precious moments. That's why Van Abbemuseum organizes a sensory-friendly day every second Monday of the month, specially designed for people with Alzheimer's. Onvergetelijk Van Abbe (Unforgettable Van Abbe) offers interactive guided tours in the museum and an opportunity for individuals with Alzheimer's and their loved ones to connect with others. The focus is on the positive, creative, and inspiring, rather than the disease. Accompanying caregivers can enter for free. 

Onvergetelijk Van Abbe

A few more tips

Haven't found anything that makes you go, "Yes, this is it!"? Well, we're not giving up so easily! How about a nice bike ride in and around Eindhoven with your grandma or grandpa? Or go for a walk in nature or an urban jungle. Do you have grandparents who claim to have seen every corner of the city? Well, you might still surprise them with one of these hidden gems.

Now, go out there and make unforgettable memories with your gramps and grams in Eindhoven!